Star Plus Upcoming Stunning twists and hits

Yeh Rishta Nairas Mysterious dream marks fresh twist

Star Plus Upcoming Stunning Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Singhanias offer help to Goenkas, when Purushottam tries to ruin Goenka family. Samarth and Gayu also join back the family to help them. Manish plays with Krish to lessen his stress. Kartik asks Manish to just spend time with the family so that he recovers soon. Naira plans a fashion show and seeks help from her family members. Kartik asks his grandmums to display the jewellery sets to the guests and also make good suggestions to known people, who would like to take their advice.

Goenkas and Singhania women get into a filmi avatar and keep a jewellery exhibition, where they have a ramp walk. They become the models and display the exclusive jewellery pieces. Kartik likes Naira’s idea a lot and feels things are getting easier because of her. He is happy that the family is so supportive. Everyone welcomes the guests and try to make it a hit. When the models don’t turn up, Naira gets worried. The family women turn surprising and walk the ramp. Naira passes the huge test by covering up the losses made by Purushottam’s evil move.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:
Abir is much hurt that Vishwamber asked him not to meet Mishti. He is thankful to Mishiti that she helped him in finding Meenakshi. Mishti gets revengeful knowing Mishti was the one who asked Ketki to return home. She finds Mishti a rebel and doesn’t want Kunal to marry her. Abir misses Mishti when she is away. He plays guitar and tries to console himself. Mishti comes to meet him, unaware of Vishwamber’s word. She hears Abir playing the guitar.

Abir likes Mishti as a friend. He finds Mishti in trouble, when Meenakshi throws her Sitar over Mishti in anger. He rescues Mishti from the problem. He then avoids Mishti. She feels strange seeing his behavior. Kuhu gets taunting Mishti over her marriage. Varsha is happy with Mishti and Kunal’s alliance. Kunal asks Mishti to meet him on a date. Meenakshi and Kunal accept Mishti’s condition of marital courtship. Maheshwari and Rajvansh family are happy for Mishti and Kunal. Abir becomes Kunal’s love Guru and asks him to spend time with Mishti. He asks Kunal to win Mishti’s heart. Meenakshi has decided to break Mishti’s ties with them. She turns wicked.


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