Silsila Veer poses awful accusation on Ruhaan

Silsila Veer poses awful accusation on Ruhaan

Pari worries for Mishti, when the latter locks herself in the room. Radhika asks Pari to let Mishti stay alone for some time. Pari asks Veer if Mishti is fine. Veer also asks Pari to give some time to Mishti, maybe she is in trauma for whatever happened. He wants to thank Ruhaan for saving Mishti. He informs his mum that Mishti is fine. His mum is happy that Mishti is with Veer. Veer tries to meet Mishti. She doesn’t want to meet him. Ruhaan arrives home. He gets a huge shock when he finds Veer coming to accuse him for jeopardizing his marriage with Mishti. He feels ashamed of Ruhaan. He tells Ruhaan that his parents have loved him like a son, but Ruhaan has backstabbed their trust. Silsila Veer poses awful accusation. He asks Ruhaan how can he win Mishti’s heart by cheating him. Ruhaan’s imagination breaks.

He signs a relief that things are normal. Pari hopes that Ruhaan is fine. Mishti wants to thank Ruhaan once again. Ansh and Taani have a moment while he helps her in studies and apologizes with a cute card. Pari seeks help from Arnav. Ruhaan tells her that he has seen Ruhaan downstairs, but Ruhaan looked lost.

Pari and Mishti stay worried for Ruhaan. Mishti wants to speak her heart to Ruhaan. Arnav asks Taani to come home. Ansh asks Arnav to let Taani study for some time. Ansh tells that he will drop Taani home. Arnav is unhappy seeing Pari’s concern for Ruhaan. Arnav wants his Bua to control Taani and not give her much freedom, since things can go wrong. He gets protective about Taani. Sukamini lies to Arnav that Taani has told her everything. She wants to cover up Taani’s act.

Arnav doesn’t want Taani to go to night club at a young age. Mishti awaits Ruhaan and calls him up. Pari too wants to confess love to him. Ruhaan stays in Mishti’s memories. He gets surprised when he gets Mishti’s call. He wants to distance himself from Mishti, after thinking of Veer’s faith in him. Ruhaan doesn’t want to cheat Veer at any cost. He feels sorry to avoid Mishti. He limits himself from cheating his friend. Will Ruhaan be able to control his feelings for Mishti? Keep reading.


  1. Respected Mishti alot in the beginning but she is as bad as Kunal. I want Pari and Ruhaan together. Veer doesn’t deserve to be cheated this way.

    • Why the double standards?!! U are just a pari lover and dont like that ruhaan love mishti instead bcoz if u were just u would hate ruhaan for wanting his friends fiancee but nope u only hate mishti and still love ruhaan n want him with pari??


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