Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita breaks a shocking huge news

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita breaks a shocking huge news

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Ishita goes away with Sahil when Rohan spots her. Ruhi and Simmi meet Rohan and find him much injured. He tells them that he has seen Ishita with Sahil and she was posing like she is Shaina Shah, but he doesn’t know the reason for this. He tells them how Ishita has saved him from Sahil’s anger and didn’t let anyone shoot him. He feels she is Ishita and is surely in some huge problem that she is hiding her identity. He tells Karan that he respects Ishita as his mother and he really wants to keep his differences with Aaliya aside, so that he can help Ishita right now. He asks Ruhi to believe his true intentions and accept his help.

Ruhi and Karan agree to believe Rohan. On the other hand, Sahil works out his next move when he finds Raman and his family reaching him in search of Ishita. He asks his Shaina to take up Ishita’s place once again in Bhalla house by cheating Raman and family. He asks her to act as Ishita and gain their sympathy. He wants her to act convincing this time. Raman and family find Ishita tied up and get worried knowing she was captive by Sahil’s goons. Raman gets Ishita freed and takes her home with him, just as per Sahil’s plans. Raman thanks Rohan and Karan for the timely help. Ishita gets back in the family and cheats them once again on Sahil’s orders.

She informs Sahil that she has convinced the family well. She gets broken down and feels sorry for herself that she is cheating the family and driving Raman mad. She wants to tell Raman that Sahil has put her in this trouble that she is compelled to play the dual role drama of Shaina and Ishita. She is constantly watched by Sahil. She feels she shouldn’t lie to Raman more and reveal everything. She discloses the shocking truth that Sahil had executed a blast in the city and framed Ruhi in the dangerous act by using his aide Seema. She tells Raman how Sahil has threatened her of ruining Ruhi’s life by tagging her a terrorist. She was too helpless to reveal anything to the family and had been tolerating everything on her own.

She tells Raman that she was playing Shaina on Sahil’s orders so that the family loses faith on her. Raman sympathizes with Ishita on knowing the shocking tale. Ishita tells Raman that Sahil had shocked her with the evidences against Ruhi. She tells him how Sahil wanted to prove her fake identity of Shaina for a purpose. She tells that it was all Sahil’s plan to prove her new identity real so that she could carry out all his illegal dealings. She reveals how Sahil has troubled her and made her do the illegal tasks to save himself from the police. She feels sorry to threaten Simmi and Kiran.

She tells him that she has accepted Sahil’s demands with two motives. Firstly, to save Ruhi from Sahil’s wicked plans and secondly, to ruin Sahil’s illegal business deals by cheating him. She has won Sahil’s confidence and started failing his deals without making him suspect her. Sahil wonders who is the fraud in his gang, who is tipping the police every time. He doesn’t know that Ishita has tipped the cops and got the drugs and diamonds seized. She tells Raman that she will ruin Sahil and get him caught by the cops, before he plays his cards and gets Ruhi arrested. She knows Ruhi is innocent, since Sahil has accepted his plans.

She wants to get the proof of Ruhi’s innocence from Sahil so that he doesn’t blackmail her further. She feels sorry to play this drama for more time. Raman learns the huge threat on Ruhi and feels terrible. He promises to support Ishita and save their daughter. Raman and Ishita get another big task to find the family member, who killed Muskaan and got them the enmity of Sahil Shah. They have to prove their innocence in Muskaan’s murder case so that Sahil spares their family for once and all. Raman and Ishita check on the family members, and get suspicious about Yug.


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