Kasauti Zindagi Shocking twist for Prerna and Anurag

Kasauti Zindagi Shocking twist for Prerna and Anurag

Kasauti Zindagi Shocking twist. Mohini accuses Prerna for Moloy’s condition. She calls her unlucky. She doesn’t let Prerna meet Moloy. She tells Prerna that they have gone through a lot of problems since she has come in their lives. Komolika reveals all her crimes to Moloy. She tells him that she has made Prerna’s life hell and she has even threatened Anurag. Moloy gets a huge shock knowing Komolika is Anurag’s wife. She tells him that she has threatened Anurag to make the marriage possible. She asks Moloy not to stare in anger, she will kill him and none will know about his murder. She tells him that she won’t get caught since she has come in a doctor’s disguise.

Anurag and police try to meet Moloy and take his statement. They get busy with Mohini. Mohini asks Prerna to wipe off her sindoor and remove her mangalsutra to deny the marriage with Anurag, if she wants to meet Moloy. Prerna refuses to call off her marriage. Mohini gets busy in the talks with police. Prerna sneaks in the ICU and meets Moloy. She doesn’t see Komolika hiding. She tells Moloy that Anurag has married her, but none is ready to accept the marriage. She asks Moloy to bless her, since she always felt that he wanted to make her his bahu. She tells everything to Moloy and asks him to give his consent.

Prerna gets worried when Moloy gets a paralytic attack. She shouts to the doctor. Doctor checks Moloy and tells that Moloy was fine and now he has got an attack. Mohini blames Prerna once again and asks her why did she meet Moloy by cheating them. She asks Anurag to throw out Prerna from the hospital. Anurag asks everyone to go home. He asks doctor to allow them to take Moloy home so that the family can spend time with him and help him recover soon. Komolika hides in the cupboard to get saved from everyone. She wants to leave from there. Prerna hears a sound and doesn’t see her.

Anurag takes Prerna with him. They meet the doctor, who praises Prerna and calls Anurag lucky. He asks Anurag to let Prerna take care of Moloy since she has informed them about Moloy on time. Anurag agrees to the doctor. He tells Prerna that he will manage everything, nobody will blame her. Prerna and Anurag come close. She gets happy with his assurance. Komolika welcomes Moloy home and angers him while being torturous again. Prerna will be seen opposing Komolika and protecting Moloy.


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