TGI Friday’s Spoilers Kulfi Kumar Rani Shakti

Kulfi Kumar Rani Shakti

Kulfi Kumar Rani Shakti Roop: Shamsher played a big game to separate Ishika and Roop taking advantage of Roop’s helplessness for him. He threatens Ishika to divorce Roop. Ishika refuses to give and manages to free from his captivity. Goons are following her. Roop comes and fights with the goons. Shamsher comes in his jeep and doesn’t look at Roop. He shoots at Ishika. Roop pushes Ishika and gets hit by the bullet. He faints and falls down. Ishika cries and asks him to get up. Shamsher is also worried about Roop.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar feels proud of Kulfi, who never cheated in her life. Kulfi tells the judges that she has suffered a lot in the remand home, she sang her story. She exposes Amma ji’s tortures on the stage. The kids take a chance to reveal the ill treatment faced in the Amma’s remand home. Lovely regrets to send Kulfi there. Sikandar feels helpless knowing the tortures faced by his daughter and other innocent kids.

Kulfi attempts to make her name by her success. Kulfi justifies that her friends are also innocent like her. Sikandar shatters on witnessing the horrific truth of the remand home. Lovely sheds tears of repentance knowing what all Kulfi faced there. Even Amyra gets moved by hearing Kulfi’s story. Mia doesn’t melt her heart and goes on to reveal Kulfi and Sikandar’s truth while declaring Kulfi as the winner. She pins her hopes to make the show a huge hit by playing Sikandar and Kulfi’s emotional conversation video, revealing their relation to the world.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rani saves Raghav from Rivaaj and Barbie’s conspiracy. She makes a plan to kick Barbie out of the house. Rivaaj asks Barbie to do something to Raghav. She gives another injection. Dadi kicks her out after her jewelry and money are found with Barbie. Barbie says she didn’t do anything. Rivaaj asks her to go. Rani bashes up Barbie for poisoning Raghav and twists her hand angrily. Rani asks Durga Maa to save her husband while playing in the temple and asks her to show some way. Just then Dadi comes in the car and prays to Durga Maa to save Raghav. Rani looks at Dadi and gets an idea. She will return to Shivraj Mansion as Raghav’s nurse.

Jhansi ki Rani: Janki Bai tells Laccho Bai that Bhitoor’s Manikarnika and Jhansi’s Rani Lakshmi bai before enjoying the marital bliss, will face Maharaj’s scolding and wrath. Gangadhar scolds Manu for doubting on his family and asks if she will do her duty by doubting them. He says he doesn’t think that she is suitable and deserves to keep the ancestral kataar and asks her to return it back to him. Manu returns kataar to him and gets more determined to find the real culprit.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Madhav and Vaidehi get ready for their engagement. Nilambari gives ring to Vaidehi and asks her to make Madhav wear it. Madhav forwards his right hand. Vaidehi says if I make you wear this ring in the left hand rather than right then will you feel bad. Madhav is surprised. Anuradha says if you make him wear the ring in a right-hand finger then your heart strings will be connected with Madhav’s heart. Vaidehi says I want Madhav’s heartstrings to be connected with Chitra always and don’t want to take her place in his life. Madhav gets impressed.

Shakti: Mahesh becomes revengeful and thinks to take revenge on Harman and Soumya. Harman spots Sindhu with a guy and gets angry. Soumya stops him and asks what are you doing. The guy holds Sindhu’s hand. Harman is angry is about to go. Soumya tells him that they love each other and asks him to stop. Harman says this guy called Sindhu at this secluded park where nobody comes and you are saying that he loves her. Soumya says your love is right and if your house’s daughter loves someone then it is wrong. She says you can have loved a kinnar and became adarsh/ideal in the society and asks if he is understanding what she said. Harman loses his cool and slaps the guy for meeting his sister.


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