Kulfi Kumar Amyra Deadly Crumple and Chaos

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala becomes target of Amyra's ploy

Kulfi Kumar Amyra Deadly Crumple. Kulfi wins the little star competition and gets super joyed that she has won her dreams. She celebrates her victory with her friends. Kulfi tells her friends that they have won the competition and also their freedom from the remand home, they won’t be facign the cruel Amma ji again. Kulfi tells them that she can sing freely now, she won’t be having any problems in life. Amyra gets angered that Kulfi has won. She gets breathless and collapses down. Sikandar and Lovely turn shocked and rush her to the hospital. Amyra gets critical and the doctor gives the final word that Amyra won’t be able to survive. Sikandar and Lovely meet Amyra and get crying sitting at the bedside.

Sikandar tells Lovely that she is responsible for Amyra’s state and gets hugely disappointed. Sikandar and Lovely both are mourning for Amyra’s dying state. They want to save their daughter. Kulfi learns about Amyra’s shocking illness and gets moved, since she never imagined this could be true. The entire family learns about the bone marrow operation immediately required for Amyra’s life saving. They get their blood groups checked and also gets the bone marrow match test done to know who can donate the bone marrow to Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra’s bone marrow matches. Kulfi donates her bone marrow to save Amyra’s life.

Amyra breaks the truth to Kulfi that Sikandar knows that she is his daughter, but still he made her leave the house because of his promise. She tells Kulfi that she was in dying state and took a promise from Sikandar. Kulfi learns Sikandar was helpless and forgives him. They get a shocking news of Sikandar’s accident. Lovely turns positive and prays for Sikandar’s life. She accepts Kulfi who has saved Amyra’s life. Amyra too changes her heart towards Kulfi since Kulfi has given her a new life. Sikandar meets with accident, which leaves Amyra and Kulfi in huge shock. Sikandar fights for his life so that he can live well with both his daughters, who united.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Zaroon and Saltanat are going to get married. The family gets Zaroon ready by making him wear the Pagdi. Saltanat gets decked up for the engagement. She loses confidence because of Kainat’s big belief that Kainat will be marrying Zaroon in the end. Saltanat doesn’t want to break Kainat’s hope and belief. She feels sorry that she has snatched Kainat’s happiness.


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