Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Death twist for Amyra Kulfi Sikandar

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Death twist for Amyra Kulfi Sikandar

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Death twist Shocking lined up. Kulfi and the kids tell about the tortures they have faced in the remand home. The judges feel sorry for the kids and state that the kids don’t deserve to be there in the remand home. They want to change the thinking of the society and not let the kids be tagged as the criminals again. Kulfi defeats her bad times by giving a commendable performance in the finale round. Amyra gets tensed as she predicts the winner. Kulfi wins the little superstar competition. Sikandar feels he has always snatched things from Kulfi, but Kulfi has earned her name and success on her name. He thinks he couldn’t help Kulfi and not give her an identity. The judges hand over the trophy to Kulfi and the kids.

The kids introduce their real identities. Amyra feels lost. Sikandar celebrates Kulfi’s victory while he loses focus on Amyra for a while. Amyra gets dizzy and rushes out. Sikandar and Lovely find her missing and rush to find her. Kulfi leaves the trophy and tries to find Amyra, knowing the latter finds hard to accept defeat. Sikandar finds Amyra in a critical condition. He gets a huge shock. Mia tries to expose Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation on the stage. She gets a big shock when her planning gets exposed to the judges and audience. Mia’s plans to use the kids for her benefits gets known to all, who feel Mia is really disgusting.

Mia gets cheated by her staff, who becomes Kulfi’s friend. Sikandar and Lovely rush Amyra to the hospital and learn about her near to death state, since her body isn’t responding to the treatment. Doctor asks them to arrange a bone marrow donor as soon as possible if they want to save Amyra. Sikandar and Lovely run to their daughter with a hope to save her. Doctor tells Lovely that bone marrow group matching is necessary. Lovely tells him that she is Amyra’s mother. Doctor sends Lovely and entire family members for the tests. There isn’t any match between Amyra and them. Doctor gives his word that Amyra won’t be able to make this time, since she just has some hours left. He tells Sikandar that its impossible to find a donor for Amyra so soon.

Sikandar and Lovely shed tears for Amyra. Kulfi learns the danger on Amyra’s life and also Sikandar’s helplessness. Sikandar begs the doctor to save Amyra. Lovely regrets her mad actions to feed the poison to Amyra in order to complete her family with Sikandar. She sinks in guilt. Kulfi asks Lovely what happened to Amyra, why is she facing this day. She gives hope to Lovely and tells her that Amyra will recover once again like it happened earlier. Lovely feels there isn’t any solution left now. Lovely hugs Kulfi when the latter gets ready to do anything for Amyra’s sake. She apologizes to Kulfi.

Lovely gets Kulfi’s bone marrow matching tests done to know if Kulfi can save Amyra. Lovely gives the good news to Sikandar that Kulfi is a match and now she can become a donor for Amyra. Sikandar gets angered that Lovely has turned selfish again and got the tests done without his permission. Lovely tells him that Amyra wanted to help Kulfi and agreed for the tests. Sikandar tells her that Kulfi isn’t aware of the bone marrow transplant, she is ready to help the entire world, but they can’t put her in pain. He scolds her for using Kulfi for her profits. Doctor asks Sikandar to let the transplant happen if he really wants to save Amyra, since Kulfi is their last hope. Sikandar doesn’t know what to do, he can’t put Kulfi in danger to save Amyra’s life.

Lovely asks Sikandar not to delay the transplant, else Amyra will die. Sikandar reprimands her and tells her that she is responsible for Amyra’s condition. He regrets for her misdeeds. She asks him not to punish Amyra for her crimes. She begs Sikandar to save Amyra. He doesn’t think she is any motherly figure. He feels both Amyra and Kulfi are bearing the punishment for her mistakes.


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