Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today twists to leave you stunned

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today twists to leave you stunned

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today twists. Aaliya gets saved after the ceiling fan falls over her. Yug wonders who is trying to harm Aaliya and why. He doesn’t know his secret enemy as well. He gets under Raman’s suspicion when Simmi tells him about Yug’s involvement in the fan falling incident. Raman wants to test if Yug is really trying to harm Aaliya. He knows that Yug can never hurt Aaliya since he loves her a lot. He still wants to clear Simmi’s doubt on Yug. He tells Yug that his ceiling fan isn’t working and troubling a lot. He seeks help from Yug if he can help him. He wants to see if Yug knows the technical things of the fan repair. Yug takes up the task as Raman has shown faith on him again. Yug tells Raman that he will fix the fan, which makes Simmi doubt on him further.

Yug fails to fix the fan and makes an apology by Aaliya’s help. Yug tells Raman that he tried his best, but couldn’t do it. Raman and Simmi’s doubt on Yug gets cleared for once and all. They get relieved that Yug is innocent. Meanwhile, Sahil keeps an eye on Ishita and questions her, so that she doesn’t double cross him. Sahil doesn’t tell her about the powder container. He asks her to keep it safe until he gives his next instruction.

Rohan tries to find out about the chemical powder, but fails to get any information. He just realizes that its too dangerous, and Ishita can face huge troubles because of it. Ishita and Aaliya get delighted when they find Raman and Yug having a cute father-son moment while repairing the ceiling fan. Ishita gets into her old memories and hugely misses her son Adi. She feels Yug is really taking Adi’s place in Raman’s life. Sahil makes his next plan to take revenge on Bhallas. Sahil knows that Ishita will carry on all his criminal activities by Shaina’s identity in order to save Ruhi. He wants to badly trap Ishita so that Raman or anyone else can’t come to her rescue. He makes a deadly plan and wants to put Ishita in danger.

Rohan thinks of meeting Ishita at the Bhalla house and inform her about the dangerous powder, so that she stays away from it. He appears in tension, which makes Karan panic. Karan finds Rohan in hurry and follows him to know the matter. Ishita and Raman get to see their son Adi in Yug, which turns them much emotional. Ishita sorts Raman and Yug’s cute fight by getting a video game to divert their attention.

Raman realizes that Ishita is also finding Yug similar to their son Adi. He knows her emotional state and gives her time to accept Yug. Rohan barges into Bhalla house to meet Ishita and reveal the result of the lab tests. Yug gets into an argument with him because of Rohan’s misbehavior with Aaliya. Yug and Aaliya lose their cool on seeing Rohan and want to expose him in front of Bhalla family so that Rohan gets ousted. Ruhi fears that Raman will beat up Rohan and informs Karan about Rohan’s arrival.

She asks Karan to pick Rohan from her house. Yug and Aaliya reveal Rohan’s misdeed to the family, which makes Bhallas lose faith in Rohan. Rohan then makes the shocking revelation to Aaliya that Yug isn’t Adi. Yug angrily blurts out the truth and accepts that he isn’t Adi. How will Aaliya react to this? Keep reading.


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