Yeh Rishta Kehlata Kartik Naira’s lives get a twist

Yeh Rishta Kehlata Pregnancy

Yeh Rishta Kehlata Kartik supports Naira in her life’s new phase. Dadi is worried for Kartik and Naira’s relationship, which would be getting ruined because of Naira’s career. Suwarna finds Dadi worried and asks her the reason. Dadi tells her that none isn’t able to foresee like her. Suwarna asks her why is she stopping Naira, her talents will also help Goenka business. Dadi tells Suwarna that Kartik and Naira’s marriage will suffer because of Naira’s work, which may hurt Kartik’s ego in the future. Suwarna feels Kartik and Naira are different than regular couples, they have always stood by each other, they love each other a lot and nothing will happen if Naira builds her own career.

She tells Dadi that Kartik will always support Naira and protect his relation. She asks Dadi not to have any second thoughts and stay positive. Kartik and Naira overhear them and get upset. Kartik gets coffee for Naira and tries to restore her courage and smile. She tells him that he is the reason for her smile. He asks her to stay strong and always hold her courage. He tells her that she always gives courage to other, she should be strong as well. He asks her not to let others drive her life by their thinking. He wants her to lead her life on her own terms. She thanks Kartik for always encouraging her.

She tells him that nothing is important to her than him. He asks her to do good work and make everyone proud. He goes to sleep, while she sits awake all night to finish her work. She gets too busy in work. He asks her to take care of her health. She shows her designs to him. He doesn’t comment on the designs and wants her to show the designs to Mihir. Suwarna and Gayu try to lessen Dadi’s tensions. Naira takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi feels things will change once Naira joins the office. Dadi does a puja for the family’s welfare, peace and happiness. Kartik wants Dadi to happily encourage Naira. Naira shows the designs to Manish and Gayu. Kartik signals them not to tell Naira about her designs.

Naira gets upset when none of the family gives inputs on her designs. She thinks her designs aren’t good and that’s why no one is giving any opinion. She is about to tear the designs, but Kartik stops her. He asks her not to take anyone’s opinions, that would just leave her confused. He asks Naira to just take Mihir’s opinion who has to be satisfied with the designs. She gets his point.

He gives the good news that the big jewellery store has agreed to launch their jewellery line. Everyone gets happy. Dadi blesses Kartik. The family finds Manish much upset and asks why isn’t he happy. Manish tells them that they have to think twice, it won’t be good to spend a lot, they should work slow and steady. Kartik and Manish agree that Naira has helped them a lot. Manish tells Naira that she is also much qualified like Kartik and he is happy that she has handled the business well. Dadi doesn’t agree with Manish.

Later, Naira meets Mihir. He asks her to be on time. He shows her a design and asks her about it. She finds the flaws in it. He gets impressed with her designs and work. Naira calls Kartik and tells him that Mihir is liking her work. He gives her all the best wishes. He cancels the store launch project since Manish wants to work on Naira’s souk idea. He doesn’t want Manish to get more tension. He is upset since this project was his idea.


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