Kasauti Zindagi Kay Upcoming twists in Prerna’s life

Kasauti Zindagi Kay Upcoming twists in Prerna's life

Kasauti Zindagi Kay Upcoming twists. Anurag and Prerna decorate the house for Tapur’s engagement. They have a cute moment and argue all the while without noticing that Komolika is watching their cute romance. Komolika hears them calling each other husband and wife. She gets angered and wants to end their relationship. Anurag and Prerna stay in their own world. Komolika misses such a relationship in her life. Anupam wishes Anurag and Prerna unite. Komolika feels jealous. Tapur talks to Sahil. She gets prepared for the engagement. Prerna picks the fallen ring for her. Tapur asks Prerna why is she working hard by going against Mohini and Nivedita. She asks Prerna is she putting efforts to win her heart.

Prerna stops Tapur from judging her wrong. She tells Tapur that she is like her sister and that’s why she wants to genuinely work in her engagement function. Prerna helps her and gives her the good wishes. Tapur feels bad to misunderstand Prerna. She gets on Prerna’s side, just like Anupam. Everyone enjoys the party. Sahil and his family arrives and ask Mohini about her Bahu. Komolika doesn’t get to meet them, because of Prerna. Prerna does aarti of Sahil’s family and welcomes them well. She gets applauded. Komolika gets too angered and leaves from the party. Mohini asks her to give some time to explain Sahil’s family.

Komolika doesn’t think Prerna will get away. Mohini consoles Komolika. Prerna and Anurag’s romance goes on in the party. Anurag is happy that Moloy has accepted Prerna as his Bahu. Vikrant meets Prerna in the party which turns Anurag jealous. Prerna asks Vikrant did he come for the business discussion. Anurag watches Vikrant and Prerna happily talking. Anurag warns Vikrant to stay away from Prerna, since she is his wife. Sahil tells them that Vikrant is his cousin, and good friend. Komolika wants to oust Vikrant. She feels now she can’t ask Vikrant to leave. Anurag is also surprised. After the introduction of Basu family to Vikrant, the dance begins. Anupam and Nivedita perform along with Sahil and Tapur.

Komolika asks Anurag for a dance. Anurag sees Prerna dancing with Vikrant. Mohini doesn’t want Nivedita and Anupam’s relation to get better. She stops Nivedita from being with Anupam. Anurag loses his attention on seeing Vikrant. Prerna and Anurag also get a chance to dance in part of her dream. Komolika gets angered seeing Prerna snatching her rights. She wants Prerna to suffer. She likes Anurag’s jealousy about Vikrant. Komolika gets threatened by Vikrant. He challenges her that he will ruin her life. Komolika spikes Vikrant’s drink to bring him closer to Prerna. She makes an evil plan to trap Vikrant and Prerna.


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