Kulfi Kumar Today Upcoming Shocking Twists

Kulfi Kumar Today Upcoming Shocking

Kulfi Kumar Today Upcoming Sikandar doesn’t give his consent to Kulfi for the bone marrow transplant surgery. Kulfi tells him that like he wants to save her, she wants to save Amyra, she has passed the test in which everyone else failed, it means she is the one who can save Amyra’s life. She asks him to let her go for the surgery, if he loves Amyra a lot. She asks him not to think of her safety. Sikandar prays for Kulfi’s safety while she makes a big sacrifice for Amyra. Kulfi is sure that Amyra will get fine soon. She asks Sikandar to keep faith in her and not let any fears block his decision. Sikandar gives his consent on Kulfi’s insistence. He fears for Kulfi’s life. Kulfi hugs him and goes for the operation. Kulfi gets the blessings of Sikandar and his family.

Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will make it. He prays for Amyra’s recovery. He finds both his daughters in danger. He asks Kulfi to come back to him safely. Doctor tells Sikandar that Amyra’s state is still critical and they should just pray hard. Sikandar knows the painful procedure. Sikandar is ready to do anything to get his daughters safely back. He runs to the temple, church, Gurudwara and Dargah to pray for his daughters. The family stays with Lovely and waits for the operation result.

Sikandar feels Kulfi has always been on the right track and sacrificed her happiness for others. He doesn’t want anything wrong to happen with Kulfi. He is ready to deal his life to save Amyra and Kulfi’s lives. A thief gets chased by the police.

Sikandar pleads that he wants his daughters’ lives secures at any cost. He leaves for the hospital to know about the operation result. He suddenly gets attacked by the thief, who demands him to help him escape from the police. Sikandar asks the thief to let him go to his daughters. He is ready to give up money and car. The thief asks him to drive faster and save him from the police. Sikandar doesn’t want to save the criminal. He fights with the thief and tries to get him caught by the police.

Sikandar falls in a huge danger, when he meets with a shocking accident because of the thief’s attack. He feels his life doesn’t matter, as long as his prayer is answered, and both his daughters get a new life. Lovely gets the good news that the operation was successful. She is happy that Kulfi succeeded to save Amyra. She gets a shocking call and learns about Sikandar’s accident. Sikandar is brought to the same hospital.

Amyra learns the truth that Kulfi has saved her life. She admits her mistakes and apologizes to Kulfi. She wants to know why Kulfi helped her. Kulfi tells Amyra that she can’t question her misdeeds and is ready to accept the truth that Amyra is her sister. She wants to do her duties towards Amyra.

Amyra feels guilty for her past and is grateful to Kulfi. Kulfi tells her that Sikandar is her dad and this truth can’t be changed. Amyra reveals that Sikandar already knows this truth and has been limiting himself. Kulfi asks Amyra to take back the promise and not snatch her rights from acknowledging Sikandar as her dad. Amyra wants to agree to her this time. Sikandar undergoes the operation after the major accident.

Doctor tells the family about Sikandar’s critical state, since he has multiple injuries and bone fractures too. Doctor gives his word that the treatment will take many weeks, Sikandar should first survive the operations and then they can hope for his recovery. Lovely doesn’t want Amyra and Kulfi to know ths truth. Amyra and Kulfi decide to share Sikandar’s love, unaware of the new disaster hitting Sikandar.


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