Yeh Rishta Twists Dadi Unexpected hurdles for Naira

Yeh Rishta Twists Dadi

Yeh Rishta Twists Dadi waits for Naira. Naira returns home and gets a bouquet for Kartik to give him the good news of her big assignment given by Mihir. Kartik meets her and gives the good news that he got the jewellery design assignment from Jadejas. Naira tells him that she is going to design the jewellery for Scindia family. Samarth and Gayu ask them if they are going to design the jewellery for the same wedding but for the different families. She asks them about their wonderful competition. Dadi gets worried while Kartik and Naira have a laugh. The family is sure that the competition won’t affect them, its time to compliment each other by making their designs the best. Dadi stays tensed while the entire family is sure that Kartik and Naira will handle the work commitments well, since they love each other a lot.

Dadi thinks relations can get spoiled because of this. Kartik and Naira make unique designs for the two projects. They have a cute argument. He tells her that people will forget Mihir when they see his designs. She tells him that her designs will win, since she has got trained by him itself. She is sure to get her designs approved soon. She thanks him for teaching her to win in life and is proud of him. Suwarna gets the tea for them and hears their cute banter. Naira tells Suwarna that everything is fine, its their normal argument.

Kartik and Naira take blessings from Dadi and asks Dadi to wish them the best. Dadi asks Naira to stay back for Gayu’s Mu Dikhai rasam, since Suwarna can’t manage things alone. Suwarna and Kartik try to fight Dadi’s thinking by supporting Naira. Naira doesn’t let them hurt Dadi’s heart and agrees to stay back. She doesn’t want Kartik to argue again. Kartik asks Naira to finish the work at home and leave for the meeting. Gayu tells Naira that she doesn’t want to come for the rituals, since it will be bad if people come to know about her pregnancy. Samarth and Naira cheer up Gayu and ask her not to worry. Naira asks Gayu to get ready and come for the rituals.

Kartik calls Naira for the meeting, knowing Mihir will be upset if Naira turns up late. Dadi asks Naira not to spoil anything. Naira asks Dadi to have believe in her. Naira wants to fulfill both her duties. She tells Dadi that she would go for the meeting once she finishes the work for Gayu’s Mu Dikhai. Mihir summons Naira to come fast at the office. Naira is sure that she will be there on time. Dadi gives work tasks to Naira to keep her engaged.

Dadi tells Suwarna that Naira has to be here at the home so that the people doesn’t question them in a wrong way about Gayu, Naira can handle everything well. She doesn’t care for Naira’s work. She switches off Naira’s mobile to make her away from work. Kartik calls Naira on the landline and asks her to come soon, else she will lose her first project. Gayu feels nausea. The ladies gossip about Gayu’s pregnancy news coming in the Mu Dikhai rasam itself. Dadi feels bad hearing the taunts. Naira runs after Gayu to console her.

Samarth asks Naira to go for the meeting, he will be with Gayu. Mihir and Kartik meet their clients. Mihir gets embarrassed that Naira didn’t come on time. He is angry that Naira has not been there on time. Kartik tries to find ways to cover up Naira’s absence. He can do anything for Naira’s happiness. Naira rushes for the meeting, but gets too late. She apologizes to Mihir. Mihir tells Naira that she is talented, but doesn’t value her talent and time. He gets disappointed with Naira.


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