Kasautii Zindaggi Prerna Vikrant at Komolika’s target

Kasautii Zindaggi Prerna Vikrant at Komolika's target

Kasautii Zindaggi Prerna Vikrant bonding turns Anurag jealous. Komolika thinks of taking advantage of this fact. Mohini gets Moloy to the party. She introduces him to Tapur’s in-laws. Moloy is happy for his family. Mohini wants Moloy to recover soon. She misses her old Moloy. Anupam takes Moloy to meet the guests. Komolika makes Anurag more jealous by creating situations between Prerna and Vikrant. Moloy watches Komolika’s cheap acts and gets angry. Prerna stumbles and falls over Vikrant. Anurag watches them and is upset. Prerna apologizes to Vikrant. She wonders who has made her fall. Prerna manages her work. Anurag doesn’t want to go and get the engagement ring, since he is occupied by Prerna. He wants Prerna to talk to him first. Prerna asks him to think of the guests looking at them. Anurag tells her that everyone knows that she is his wife.

He locks up Prerna in the room and asks her about Vikrant and her bonding. She knows he is jealous. She praises Vikrant who is more better than Anurag. Anurag turns jealous on hearing her and goes crazy. Prerna asks Anurag to accept that he is jealous and angry because of Vikrant. He warns her to stay away from Vikrant. Anurag tells her that she loves him and he knows it well. He asks Prerna not to make any mistake for which she will regret later. He confesses his love to Prerna. Komolika looks for Anurag. Anurag and Prerna’s cute moment breaks. Komolika spikes Vikrant and Prerna’s drink so that she can frame Vikrant with Prerna.

She plots against Prerna to defame her. She tells Moloy that she is trapping Prerna in the dirty trap now. She admits her plans to Moloy, knowing he can’t do anything. She tells him that she will lock up drunk Prerna with Vikrant, so that everyone loses faith in Prerna. Moloy gets worried. He can’t even speak up, knowing everything. Komolika and Prerna perform dance in the party. Prerna gets praised by Sahil’s family. Komolika wants to send Prerna with Vikrant. Anurag asks Vikrant to stay away from his wife Prerna. He tells Vikrant that he will not tolerate him.

Vikrant tells Anurag that his enmity is with Komolika. Vikrant ends the argument and makes his way out. Anurag feels Komolika is upto something. Komolika is tired of the competition and wants to get rid of Prerna. Anurag gets a huge shock when he finds Vikrant and Prerna’s romance on the projector screens. Komolika gets happy to expose their romance in the party. She wants everyone to hate Prerna. She wishes that Prerna gets away from Anurag’s heart. Prerna’s image gets maligned. Everyone gives mixed reactions on seeing her with Vikrant. Will Moloy take a stand for Prerna and expose Komolika? Keep reading.


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