Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Stunning disclosure about Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Stunning disclosure about Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Stunning disclosure. Kulfi pleads to Amyra to let her claim her rights on Sikandar and his family. She tells Amyra that she wants to tell Sikandar that she is his daughter. Amyra relieves her from the promise and then breaks the truth that Sikandar already knows about Kulfi, being his daughter. This leaves Kulfi shocked. Amyra tells Kulfi that Sikandar learnt this truth on the day when he had to send her away. Kulfi can’t believe this truth. She wonders why did he not express the truth to her if he knew it. She regrets the fact that Sikandar has been stone hearted and fooled her. She wants to know why he was so harsh on her. Amyra tells her that she has taken a promise from Sikandar, knowing she is going to die. She tells Kulfi that she made him promise that he won’t bring Kulfi back until she dies. She apologizes to Kulfi for making her away from her father.

Kulfi doesn’t know why Sikandar did this. She wants to get an answer from Sikandar right away. Kulfi goes to meet Sikandar. Amyra follows her. They together learn the shattering truth of Sikandar’s critical accident. They ask the doctor about Sikandar. He asks them to take rest and recover, they won’t be allowed to meet Sikandar in this condition. They want to meet Sikandar once and get restless. They see Sikandar and turn inconsolable. Kulfi and Amyra can’t believe their fate. Doctor tells the family that Sikandar will be going for his next operation if he responds to the current treatment well.

Kulfi apologizes to Sikandar and forgives him for his rude behavior. She wants him to get fine and come back to them. The family awaits some good news. Doctor tells them that Sikandar is out of danger now but the treatment will take much time. He wants the family to help Sikandar come out of the trauma, he will be getting his physical wounds healed, but he won’t be able to cope up with the big loss. He gives the bad news that Sikandar’s vocal cords are damaged and he won’t be able to sing ever in his life. This brings a saddening moment for Kulfi and entire family. They get devastated. Doctor tells them that he tried his best and its a miracle that Sikandar survived. He asks them to be prepared to deal with them patiently, since Sikandar may react angrily knowing about his condition.

Kulfi feels sorrowful that Sikandar won’t be able to sing with her. Amyra too feels bad that her teacher has lost his golden voice. Sikandar’s slow treatment takes a month. The family puts efforts to please Sikandar and welcome him home. They want to give him much happiness. Amyra and Kulfi plan surprises for Sikandar. Sikandar comes home after a long time. Lovely finds Amyra insecure with Kulfi again. Amyra feels Sikandar will love Kulfi more. She doesn’t want Kulfi to get all the attention. Lovely asks Amyra not to hate Kulfi, who is part of Sikandar’s life. She asks Amyra to know that she is much important for Sikandar.

She asks Amyra to be with Sikandar and them happily, nothing can change their love. Amyra is indebted to Kulfi for saving her life, but doesn’t want to repay her favors by sharing Sikandar. Lovely asks Amyra not to spoil Sikandar’s happiness now, and accept the truth that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. She wants Amyra to get rid of her anger. She assures that she will always make Sikandar love Amyra more. Lovely gets the news that Sikandar has arrived. The family wishes to welcome him with big smiles. Kulfi wants to call Sikandar her dad.

Sikandar’s changed avatar shocks the family. They get emotional on seeing him. Sikandar’s behavior changes towards everyone. She just loves Amyra, as if his partial memory has been chunked off. Kulfi wants to know why isn’t he recognizing her. Amyra hugs Sikandar and finds his talk funny. She can’t ask for anything else. Kulfi hugs Sikandar and wants to tell him that she is his daughter. He makes her away and shocks everyone by his behavior. Everyone wants to know what happened to Sikandar. They want to deal with him patiently and end his trauma. Kulfi senses something is wrong when the pet dog barks at Sikandar. What’s the mystery of Sikandar’s change in personality? Keep reading.


  1. He is nt sikandar bcoz……jab accident hua ta tb chor car ka agge ka sisha tod k bahar bikla ta n sikander ka sir stering se lada ta sheeshe se chehra kt sakta h bt stering se ni…….


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