Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Enigma behind Sikandar’s new avatar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Enigma behind Sikandar’s new avatar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Enigma twist. Sikandar looks like a changed man to Kulfi. Mohendar tells him that their mum has gone to pray for him. Sikandar tells him that he is lucky to get such a loving family. He doesn’t behave with love. He calls everyone by weird names. He tells them that relations will always be the same, no matter what happens. He gets blessed by everyone. Sikandar notices the change in him, since he disregards her. Amyra is happy that Sikandar is no more loving Kulfi. Kulfi wants to tell him that he is her father, since Amyra had freed her from the promise. Sikandar wants to dine with the entire family.

Kulfi gets suspicious when the dog barks at him. Lovely and Amyra ask the dog to get quiet. The puppy gets scared of Sikandar and runs away. Sikandar dines with Amyra. Kulfi sheds tears since he treats her as if she isn’t visible to him. She wants to show that she exists in his life and she is his own daughter. His indifference starts killing her within. Amyra rejoices that Sikandar isn’t looking at Kulfi even once. Kulfi wants his attention too. Sikandar praises Amyra’s handmade cake and tells her that he didn’t eat such delicious cake ever. Kulfi asks him to have his favorite sweets. He refuses to eat that and asks her not to trouble.

Amyra takes Sikandar to his room and asks him to rest. Sikandar likes the grand lavish room. He tells them that he missed his house and family a lot. Kulfi asks him why is he restraining himself from singing, they will sing together, he will regain his normal voice. He tells them that he can never sing again, he has to deal with this trauma, nothing can help him. The family wants him to just relax and not think of anything. Sikandar makes Kulfi away. Lovely also gets puzzled by his behavior, since she knows his intense emotions for his daughters. She informs the doctor about Sikandar’s weird behavior.

She tells the family that Sikandar is in stress and now they have to give him time to react normal. They feel bad for Kulfi, who was waiting for Sikandar’s return. Lovely tells them that they should just support Sikandar and not make him stressed about music. Lovely gets a huge shock when Sikandar romances her, which is very much unlike the old Sikandar. She recalls his bitter words and gets amazed by his change. Amyra is happy that Sikandar has loved the cake prepared by her. She finds Kulfi upset and insults her that Sikandar has shown her the right place.

Lovely knows her relation with Sikandar wasn’t fine. She can’t believe that Sikandar wants to give their relation another chance. She gets nervous when he gets close to her, as her husband. She thinks its just the trauma which has changed him. She doesn’t know how to react that he has forgiven her. She gets happy and tells him that she would like to stay with Amyra right now. Amyra wishes that Sikandar loves her more than Kulfi. Lovely promises to remind Sikandar his duties towards them. She finds Kulfi crying. She consoles Kulfi and apologizes to her on Amyra’s behalf. She tells Kulfi that she has to compromise always, being the wiser one between Amyra and her.

She asks Kulfi to not be angry on Amyra, who doesn’t want to share her father. She asks Kulfi to give time to Amyra and Sikandar. She is grateful that Kulfi saved Amyra’s life. She gives her hope that everything will get fine.


  1. That ungrateful Amyra should be thought a lesson or taken off the show. Shameful that Sikander did not know Kulfi, she is pressured to much for a small child

  2. No no it is too much. Crushing the sincere audience as well the little kulfi too.the idiot Amerya again started behaving very rudely. Why kulfi should stay there it is high time she should walk out

  3. No no kulfi has had enough.stupid Amerya always win and poor kulfi loses all the time. Even her own father ignores her. Too much to bear


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