Yeh Rishta New Phase for Kartik and Naira begins

Yeh Rishta New Phase for Kartik and Naira begins

Yeh Rishta New Phase for Kaira. Kartik gets much upset when he hears Mihir and his clients criticizing his designs. He doesn’t know if this has happened because of his strong competitor Naira. Kartik is happy to see that Naira is tagged the best designer. Even then, he feels sorry for himself, since he is bringing disgrace to even Naira. Naira gives him the good news that all her designs are selected and even Mihir is happy with his work. She gives all the credit to him. She finds him stressed and asks the matter. He tells her about the work pressure and asks her to head for home. She feels he is really in stress.

She tells him that she wanted to share her happiness with him. He tells her that he will go office first and soon come home. He goes office and asks the staff to make new appealing designs. He wants to prove that he is not less talented than Naira. Naira reaches home and gives the good news to Dadi, that she has been applauded for her work by Mihir. Dadi doesn’t get happy to know about her success. Suwarna feels proud of Naira. Naira wants to manage her duties towards the family as well and makes a promise to Dadi that she will not ignore any of her responsibilities. Suwarna suggests Naira to spend time with Kartik, and find out what’s worrying him.

Suwarna also instructs Gayu to plan a trip with Samarth and work on her relation. Naira and Gayu ask Suwarna not to worry for them. Suwarna attends Manish. The children tease Manish and Suwarna for their romance. Suwarna tells Manish that Kartik will manage all the duties at the office. Manish tells him that he can’t handle anything without her support. He wants to spend time with her and live his life, unlike before. He tells her that Kartik and Naira are very much different, everything will be fine between them. She tells him about Dadi being bothered by her fears regarding Kartik and Naira’s marriage. He tells her that he will talk to Dadi and explain her that Naira won’t miss out any duties, and nothing will go wrong. Naira prepares a cake for Kartik. She plans to surprise him. Devyaani and Kirti spend time with Krish.

Devyaani suspects her relative since she has been betrayed by her own son Naman. She tells Bhabhimaa that Naman had cheated them by his evil side, and now its hard for her to trust anyone blindly. She wants to remember the lesson of life, since she has lost Mishti because of Naman’s mistake. Naira reaches the office to surprise Kartik with the specially prepared cake. She finds him sounding low and asks him why is he not happy. He tells her that he gave her a wrong advice and she got scolded by the clients.

She asks him not to stress about her work, she can handle the criticism. Kartik wants to learn a lot from her. She tells him that she has learnt much from him and he is her teacher. She asks him to cut the cake.

He asks her to take the cake away, he isn’t in any mood right now. She thanks him for always supporting her. She gets upset when he wants her to go. Kartik cheers her up with a surprise. He romances her and cuts the cake. He tells her that he wants to see her smile always. Kartik and Naira spend time with the family and take part in the mango eating competition. Manish judges the competition. Kartik and Naira stay till last and then Naira wins.

Naira tells Kartik that she is the best. Everyone praises Naira for being better than Kartik. Kartik gets bothered with his comparison with Naira. He doesn’t want to get any wrong thoughts in his mind that ruins his happiness. He wants to save his relation with Naira, no matter what happens. Naira doesn’t want to hurt anyone in the family, but thinks Dadi was right on her stand, since her success can bring tensions in Goenka family.


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