Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Mighty mystery call of Real Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Mighty mystery call of Real Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Mighty mystery. Kulfi tells Mohendar that she had a dream and saw that place, but she didn’t know of the accident happening at the same place. She apologizes and tells her that she didn’t understand the dream and wanted to ask Sikandar. Amyra vents her anger on Kulfi and asks her to leave from their lives, even if she wants to tell Sikandar about their relation. She asks Kulfi to go ahead and tell Sikandar that she is his daughter. She scolds Kulfi for making Sikandar so upset. Kulfi sheds tears. Sikandar panics and tells Lovely that the accident day just gives him bad memories. He tells her that he doesn’t want to recall anything about the past. He gets romancing her again. She gets confused by his behavior.

He tells her that he wants her to be with him. Lovely wants to reason something and get away. She doesn’t understand why he is acting so weird. Kulfi is much upset that Sikandar has isolated her once again. She gets a surprise and learns about her friends. She shares her tensions. Mohendar decides to tell Sikandar about his relation with Kulfi. He doesn’t want Sikandar to break Kulfi’s heart. Kulfi tells her friends that Sikandar has changed a lot after the accident and isn’t talking to her.

She feels that this Sikandar isn’t her father and her father is lost at the accident place. Her heart tells her that her father is waiting for her. The kids help her in reaching the place to clear her doubts. Sikandar asks Mohendar to explain his daughter Kulfi and limit her. Mohendar asks him how could he forget his real daughter. He asks Sikandar not to change the truth that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar then acts according to the situation and tells Mohendar that he doesn’t remember few things after the accident. He gains sympathy from Mohendar.

Sikandar tells Mohendar that he wants to check his memory. He gains all the information from Mohendar while acting of the memory check. Kulfi checks the bridge place and finds it very similar to her dream. She looks for Sikandar and cries. Sikandar learns about Kulfi saving Amyra’s life. He tells Mohendar that now he will take good care of both his daughters, who missed him a lot. Kulfi wants to know why Sikandar has shown this place to her in the dream. She wants to get her answers and prays. She wishes that someone helps her. Sikandar’s odd behavior scares Lovely. She can’t believe his behavior turning cheaper.

He asks Lovely to not get away from him again. He tells her that he remembers everything about her. He talks of his past with Nimrat. She knows his true love for Nimrat. She gets puzzled when he confesses love to her and also makes a wish to unite with her. He apologizes to her for his mistakes. He calls Kulfi a big mistake of his life. He tells her that he wants to throw out Kulfi from his house. She can’t believe that he wants to send Kulfi away from his life. He tells her that Amyra is his life and he won’t let Kulfi come in between. He decides to send Kulfi away for the sake of Lovely’s happiness. Kulfi senses Sikandar around once again. He guides her into finding him. Will Kulfi find the real Sikandar and bring him back? Keep reading.



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