Kasauuti Zindagii Komolika plans another murder

Kasauuti Zindagii Komolika plans another murder

Kasauuti Zindagii Komolika plans hew new evil. Vikrant confronts Komolika for her move to defame Prerna and him. She tells him that she isn’t involved in any dirty act. Vikrant is doubtful knowing her evil ways. He warns her against entering his personal life and hurting his parents. He tells her that he will not spare her now, he has turned equally powerful like her and will ruin her down. He vows to show her the worst times. Komolika is sure that he can’t harm her. She angrily plans revenge on him. She doesn’t care for his threatening. Prerna and Anurag have a moment when he does the aid to her wound. Anurag expresses his love for her. She gets grateful to him.

Anurag tells her that he has supported the Basu family bahu and saved the family reputation. She can’t help but get happy over his words. Prerna goes to take care of Moloy. Anurag asks Moloy to take medicines, but the latter refuses. Prerna requests Moloy to take medicines and recover soon. Moloy agrees to her since he has to get fine for Prerna’s sake. He wants to expose Komolika. Komolika wants to catch Anurag and scold him. Anurag shares his dilemma about handling the situation and tricking Komolika. Anurag and Prerna talk to the moon and come together again. Prerna gets all her answers. Komolika asks the lawyer to prepare the property papers to get Anurag’s signs to ruin him. She doesn’t want to spare Basus.

Nivedita is happy that Anurag respects all the women. She tells Anupam that Anurag stood by Prerna and proved her innocence. She is happy to know that Prerna didn’t do anything wrong. Anupam asks her to accept Prerna as Anurag’s wife. He feels lucky to get Nivedita as his wife. Their distance also gets less and they express their love for each other. Komolika and Vikrant meet at the lawyer’s chamber. Vikrant threatens her. He tells her that he will soon expose her crimes and truth to Anurag and then none can save her.

Komolika doesn’t want Vikrant to ruin her life. She hires someone to get Vikrant killed. Anurag is worried that Komolika may do anything against them again. He wonders what to do to fool Komolika. Prerna goes to the storeroom to get a medical kit. She gets locked inside and shouts for help. Anurag reaches her and comforts her fears. He gives her strength. They come closer while supporting her. Prerna is happy that she has got her old Anurag back. Vikrant’s life falls in danger when he meets with an accident.


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