Coming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking entry of Bhola

Coming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking entry of Bhola

Coming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Lovely gets confused seeing Sikandar. She recalls Kulfi’s words and thinks maybe he isn’t the real Sikandar as Kulfi is also suspecting, being his daughter. Sikandar tells Lovely that he got a relief on seeing her and coming home. Sikandar tells her that he is happy to get the face which she loves. He often speaks of his memory loss to confuse her. He asks her not to stay away from him. He asks her to understand his feelings and reciprocate. She feels alienated when he gets closer. She tells him that she has come to talk to him about Kulfi. He apologizes to her about Mohendar and Kulfi. He tells her that he isn’t keen to keep a joint family. He wants a good family time with Lovely and Amyra.

He tells her that he will ask Mohendar and family to leave and pardon him for once and all, since he isn’t able to bear the burden more. She doesn’t know how Sikandar’s emotions have died for the family. She gets confused and thinks if Sikandar is testing her reformation by asking for such a thing. She wants to pass the tests and tells him that the family will stay with them. He praises her for the affection she has for the family. He feels lucky to get a wife like her. When he confesses love to her, she gets freezed for a moment.

Kulfi recalls the same dream again and again. She wants to find out real Sikandar, who is coming in her dreams and showing her the dream. She goes to the hospital and wants to get clues about Sikandar. She learns about a patient, who has played music instrument so well.

Kulfi gets to hear Sikandar’s song and rushes to see him. The imposter is also present in the hospital. He wants to keep real Sikandar away from the family. Kulfi misses to see Sikandar and learns about Bhola, who is a patient in the hospital. The ward boy praises Bhola who is a best singer and best person at heart. Kulfi wants to meet Bhola. She misses to meet Bhola.

She learns that Bhola got discharged and left from the hospital. She gets a sign of Sikandar when she gets a drawing and toy left by Bhola. Mohendar rejects a deal when the musician asks for making Kulfi sing in the album. Mohendar tells the musician that Sikandar won’t make Kulfi work at this age. The musician Balwant meets Sikandar with the same deal, to which the latter agrees with happiness. Sikandar’s decision shocks Mohendar.

He gets rude towards Mohendar. He tells the family that he has agreed to Balwant’s deal. He confuses the family by his fake great talks. He asks Kulfi to work as she is lucky to get work at this age. He wants her to worship the coming opportunity. Kulfi gets upset. On the other hand, Amyra is happy to spend time with Sikandar.

Lovely and Kulfi observe his behavior and find him weird when he scares Kulfi suddenly. Kulfi shares her dilemma with the pet dog. Every passing moment makes her confused and away from her destination. She wants to find her answers so that she can help Sikandar, who maybe needing her badly. She gets on a mission to find her real father. She seeks help from the friends, who also believe in Kulfi’s intuition. Lovely too finds something is wrong with Sikandar. She thinks to believe Kulfi once and check Sikandar’s truth. Kulfi will come across the real Sikandar, now tagged Bhola by the hospital staff. Will Kulfi be able to expose the imposter and help Sikandar recover? Keep reading.



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