Latest Kulfi Kumar entry solves the huge awaited mystery

Latest Kulfi Kumar entry solves the huge awaited mystery

Latest Kulfi Kumar entry. Kulfi doesn’t know what’s happening in her life. She tries to analyze the clues which she got in the hospital. She doesn’t know much about the toy she found. She gets the next clue on the toy car. Amyra gets the toy thrown out. Kulfi wakes up and finds the toy missing. She gets sad when Amyra doesn’t help her. Amyra turns ungrateful, rude and selfish again. Kulfi wants to find the toy by which she can reach Bhola. She doesn’t know how she lost the toy. She gets surprised when she gets the toy back. Kulfi’s friends want to explain her that she is doing wrong in her pursuit to find her dad. Kulfi tells them that she has to go to the park to return the toy to its owner.

They think she is doing wrong and hurting herself by her false hopes. They tell her that they won’t support her in her madness, her father is with her and she doesn’t need to find anyone. Kulfi tells them that she will follow her heart and find out the truth. Rocket goes to Sikandar and reveals Kulfi’s suspicion on him. Sikandar gets alert by knowing this shocking thing. Rocket asks him to convince Kulfi with love and not tell her anything that makes her feel cheated. Sikandar is thankful to him for giving him such a big lead. He promises to make everything fine. Sikandar makes plans to get rid of Kulfi.

He wants Kulfi to sing and earn money for him. Kulfi rushes to the park to meet Pakhi. She meets some kids and ask them about Pakhi. Kulfi gets to see a classy little girl Pakhi, who is busy in sorting the petty fights between some kids. Pakhi is very caring. Kulfi returns the toy to Pakhi and tells her that she likes little kids a lot. She gives happiness to Pakhi in the form of the toy. She wants to know about Bhola. She gets amazed seeing how nicely Pakhi is handling things at such a young age. Pakhi is also ill, and hides her illness while working on her sole task of helping people. Pakhi can give away anything, but not someone precious to her.

She gets miffed when Kulfi asks for Bhola again. Pakhi asks her friends not to reveal anything about Bhola to Kulgi. Bhola makes an entry in a musical way, while he sings and drives a cycle with the kids. He reaches Pakhi, displaying his cheerful avatar. Pakhi doesn’t share anything about Bhola, since she is very possessive about him. Sikandar, who met with a fatal accident, got rescued by the little angel Pakhi, who now thinks that she has all the rights on her new found friend. Will Kulfi find out Bhola, the real Sikandar? Keep reading.


  1. BORING!!!! Now we have another little girl who is ill and possessive of SIkander!!!!
    KUlfi who is the ONLY daughter cannot find happiness with father steupssssss.

  2. Booooorriiing aannoooooying at every episode new sikandar doing only over acting kulfi showing her self Amma type ? plz stop this shit n or close this serial if you can’t do any thing better


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