Yeh Rishta Upcoming Speechless situation for Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Speechless

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Speechless situation. Naira gets busy with another assignment from Mihir. She is happy that he isn’t angry on her, since she missed an important meeting. Kartik and Naira arrive for Krish’s function. Kartik gets praised by the family for getting a big deal for Goenkas. Dadi is happy to hear positive things about Kartik. Naira asks Kartik to handle Krish until she finishes her work call. Mihir makes Naira more busy in the work. Kartik wants Naira to enjoy the function than being occupied in her work. Naira wants to finish her work first. Dadi gets upset when Naira comes in news. The ladies talk of Naira working against Kartik and designing jewellery for the royal family.

Dadi wishes Naira agreed to them and left her career dreams. Suwarna asks Naira not to break down by the society’s taunts. She is happy that Kartik understands Naira well. She wants Naira to forget all tensions. Naira gets angry on Kartik when he disturbs her between her work. She feels bad that Mihir can see them romancing. She asks Kartik to let her finish the work so that she can enjoy the function in peace. He doesn’t want her to get affected by work stress. She convinces him. Kartik wants Naira to deal with Mihir sternly. Naira gets late for the rasam. She orders a gift for Krish.

Kartik’s name tag gets removed. Dadi asks Naira not to attend work calls. She is happy seeing Kartik managing the work and attending calls. Dadi praises Kartik for his hard work. Naira feels biased when Dadi criticizes her. Naira keeps her phone away. Mihir calls her up again. Kartik goes to attend the call on her behalf. Mihir tells Kartik that Naira left the meeting and didn’t cancel the party. He scolds Kartik for not being liberal and creating hurdles in her work. He asks Kartik to better change his thinking and stop doing a good husband’s drama. Kartik gets upset when Mihir talks rudely with him.

Kartik learns that Naira left the meeting for his sake. Kartik and Naira complete the rituals and feed food to Krish. They gift a wonderful cradle to Krish. The ladies insult Goenkas by telling them about Naira’s sole gift for Krish. They ask Kartik where is the gift from his side. Naira didn’t wish to show up things as people are perceiving. The ladies insult Kartik as well. Dadi turns angry on Naira, and believes that she is ruining her marriage this way. She asks Suwarna to explain Naira. Dadi lectures Naira once again.

She asks Naira not to hurt Kartik’s ego, else her relation won’t be saved. She tells how ego ruins a relation. She misunderstands Naira. Naira doesn’t want Dadi to make such wrong stories to feed in Kartik’s ears. Kartik tells Naira that he isn’t upset, he had gone to arrange shagun for Krish. Naira clarifies to him that she had got the gift from their sides. Kartik sounds annoyed to her.

Goenkas doesn’t want Kartik and Naira to look upset in front of the guests. Dadi warns Manish and Suwarna about Kartik and Naira’s relation cracking up. She asks Manish why did he stop Suwarna from working after marriage. She wants Manish to accept that it was his decision taken for family peace. She asks Manish and Suwarna to save Kartik and Naira’s relation by ending Naira’s career.


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