Kasautii Zindagii Bajaj entry to happen next

Kasautii Zindagii Bajaj entry to happen next

Kasautii Zindagii Bajaj entry. Komolika gets confident that her dad will help her. Anurag threatens Chobey of ruining his political career by supporting his daughter. He tells Chobey that Komolika’s crimes will be known to everyone some day and there is no way to save her from the arrest. He provides the evidences against Komolika and warns Chobey. He asks him to support the truth, since his words are also recorded in the CCTV. Chobey tells Anurag that he has accepted the deal. Komolika gets hyper when her dad refuses to stand by her. She gets shouting madly.

Chobey slaps her in anger. He asks her not to ruin herself for Anurag. Anurag tells Chobey that nothing should happen to his family. Chobey is scared for himself. Komolika asks him how could he cheat her. Chobey promises that nothing will happen to Basu family. Anurag and Chobey keep the deal to maintain the peace. Komolika gets reprimanded by her dad. Her wish to send Basus behind bars doesn’t get fulfilled. Chobey doesn’t feel proud of Komolika. He gets his daughter arrested. Basus are happy that Komolika got punished. Komolika wants to avenge her insult. Ronit asks Chobey to help Komolika. Chobey doesn’t listen to anyone.

Ronit asks inspector to leave Komolika. Police doesn’t listen to him. Chobey tells Ronit that he has sacrificed his relations for the sake of his political seat. Ronit gets upset with him. He assures Komolika that he will help her. Komolika leaves after warning Prerna. Meanwhile, Nivedita apologizes to Prerna for the past. She feels sorry that she misunderstood Prerna. She makes her terms better with Prerna.


She feels Basus can never get a good Bahu like Prerna. Anupam likes their bonding and takes the credit of uniting them. He asks them to convince Mohini as well, Mohini has to accept Prerna. He is sure to fulfill this tough task. Anurag gets a call from inspector. He rushes to complete the formalities. Prerna tells Anurag that she will come with him, since Komolika is her culprit. Komolika gets revengeful and then sees them with the inspector. She threatens to kill then. She tries to ruin their peace. Anurag and Prerna don’t care for her words. Ronit rushes to Shivani, who just got the good news of Komolika’s arrest. Ronit gets drunk and ruins her room. He wants revenge on Shivani. He tells Shivani that Prerna has broken her family, and now her family will be ruined. Veena tries to stop Ronit.

Anurag and Prerna hear songs on the radio. They come to Prerna’s house to meet Veena and apologize. They get a shock seeing the mess. Ronit tries to molest Shivani. Anurag saves Shivani and beats up Ronit to teach him a lesson. Anurag and Prerna become a pillar of strength for Sharma family. Anurag learns that Mr. Bajaj is willing to buy their company shares. Prerna has no idea about Mr. Bajaj. Anurag and Prerna wonder if Mr. Bajaj has some connection with Komolika. They want to know about him first before doing business with him. Mr. Bajaj’s entry will be happening soon.



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