Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Tonight Amyra Kulfi in Shock

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Tonight Amyra Kulfi in Shock

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Tonight Kulfi tells the family that Sikandar looks changed, as if he isn’t Sikandar. Amyra tells Kulfi that Sikandar is angered because of her. She asks Kulfi why is she spreading rumors. She says Kulfi is no more a favorite of Sikandar, Kulfi is hurting Sikandar and angering him. She asks Kulfi why didn’t she sing on Sikandar’s saying. She scolds Kulfi for pushing Sikandar to this level of anger. Chandan recalls the times when he got gifted with Sikandar’s face by a misunderstanding by the cops. He gets happy to get Sikandar’s fame, name and family, along with the richness. He has cleverly adapted Sikandar’s lifestyle by memorizing every little detail about Sikandar. He gathers information from the internet and learns about Sikandar’s family. He wants to rule over the family by acting as Sikandar.

Chandan recalls the days when he got preparing himself as Sikandar by asking people about him. Chandan has also practiced Sikandar’s signatures so that he doesn’t let Lovely suspect him. He was always ahead of Lovely and family’s expectations. He just failed to keep up Kulfi’s expectations since Mohendar reveals Kulfi’s truth later, when he wasn’t prepared completely to show fake love towards her. Chandan wants to gain Sikandar’s property and assets by mocking everything that belonged to Sikandar. He realizes the struggles he has gone through to get into Sikandar’s skins. He doesn’t want to return to his old poor life.

He meets his mother and assures her that he will always get money to give her and become a big man. Chandan thinks he has done wrong to create problems for himself, it won’t be good if everyone suspects him in this way. He wants to make a plan to gain the family’s support back. Chandan apologizes to Kulfi for hurting and shouting on her. He tells her that he doesn’t know himself, if its the trauma or the medicinal effect, that’s making him so angry. He sheds crocodile tears to fool Kulfi and entire family. He blames Kulfi for hurting his heart by refusing to sing on his saying. He tells them that Kulfi is suspecting him and he has learnt this from her friend. He tells her that he vented out all the accumulated anger.


He tells everyone that he was relieved that his family will stand by him, but knowing about Kulfi’s doubt, he is much disturbed. Kulfi knows that he isn’t her father. She wants to prove it some way. Chandan asks Kulfi to talk to him and not be scared of him. He tells her that he is her father and this truth can’t change. He begs everyone to make Kulfi believe him. The family melts hearts for him. Amyra tells him that Kulfi can’t snatch him from them. She believes him blindly and tells him that his pain and trauma are evident to everyone.

Kulfi rushes to meet her friends and tells how Sikandar has shouted at her so badly that she got hurt. She knows that Sikandar can’t do such a thing ever. She is sure that Sikandar can’t accept her as daughter suddenly, he didn’t have any yearning for her as she expected. She feels she can’t connect to Sikandar by her heart. Her friends apologize to her for telling about her suspicion to Sikandar. They suggest her to accept Sikandar and give him time. They make Kulfi realize her mistake.

They ask Kulfi to give him a chance and not make him away from herself forever. Kulfi decides to test her heart once again. She goes to apologize to Sikandar. She gets another shock when she hears Sikandar singing a beautiful song. This happens since Bhola passes by their locality. His voice connects with Kulfi once again. She can’t believe when she sees Chandan pressurizing her again for the song recording.


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