Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Yug gifts lovely bangles to Aaliya. They have their understanding that they couldn’t marry because of the situation. They want to have the same strong love between them. Yug asks Aaliya not to show the gift to anyone. She happily shows the bangles to the family. Yug gets embarrassed. He tells Aaliya that he is stopping her from showing the bangles since its just cheap imitation jewellery. Aaliya tells him that she knows this already and is proud that he didn’t take any loan to gift her anything expensive. She is happy seeing his good intentions behind the gift. Yug is grateful to her and finds her an ideal partner. Everyone is happy that Karan decided to join Ruhi in the project. They want Karan to be fine. Raman discusses about Vishal’s brother Naveen with Yug and Ranbir. Raman wants to help Vishal. Ranbir doesn’t know why Vishal has hidden this big thing from them. Raman asks them to just be with Vishal and morally support him. They get stunned when they find a blood stained shirt. Raman doesn’t want Sahil to know anything. He asks them to stay in touch and find about Vishal. He takes the shirt with him for testing.

Raman checks his clothes and shouts on Ishita when he misses an important shirt. He tells her that he had something important. Yug tells Raman that he has the shirt with them and got money from the pocket. Raman gets his sign that Yug didn’t let the shirt get washed. He asks Yug to join his company. Yug had earlier declined his offer. When Ishita also suggests the same, Yug joins Raman’s business. Ruhi finds ways to cheer up Karan. She finds Karan missing at home. She wants to know where is he. She gets surprised seeing Karan’s positive side. Karan tells her that he had gone to temple to pray for Rohan. Ruhi asks Karan to check some files so that they can begin the project.

Bhallas and Iyers are happy for Yug and Karan’s joining the family business and helping Raman in his work. They are sure that Yug will do well. Yug is thankful that the family gave him place in their hearts and family. Ishita considers him as her son and tells him that he has earned it all. Karan tells Ruhi that he doesn’t want to go to office. Ruhi asks him the reason for sudden change in his decision. Karan asks her not to insist him. Karan tells Ruhi that he will be fine at home. Raman passes Karan’s message to Ruhi. Ruhi learns that Karan has stayed back for protecting the family from Sahil.

Raman asks Ruhi and Yug to cover it up for him when he leaves from the office for some work. He misleads Sahil’s goons. Ranbir visits Vishal and tells his plans to spend the day with him. Vishal doesn’t want him to stay so that he can hide Naveen. Ranbir tries to find Naveen and confront Vishal. He makes a way for Raman to enter Vishal’s house. Raman gets on a mission to find clues against Naveen. Sahil is sure that Raman is planning something post Rohan’s death. He wants the real murderer to be known. Raman meets Naveen and tells him that he needs his help. Naveen asks Raman to give him drugs or money.

Raman agrees to give him money. He shows him the blood stained shirt to know about it. Naveen gets scared and lies to him first. He then tells him about Vishal, who caught him with a drug supplier. He reveals that its Vishal’s shirt, but he doesn’t know about the blood stains. Raman suspects that Vishal is behind Muskaan’s murder. Vishal breaks down and accepts the crime that he has killed Muskaan. Will Raman be able to save Vishal from Sahil’s wrath? Keep reading.


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