Tonight Yeh Rishta Romance Twists and Surprises

Tonight Yeh Rishta Romance Twists and Surprises

Tonight Yeh Rishta Romance Twists and much more drama. Kartik catches Mihir red-handed in the black market and tells him that he least expected this from him when the entire family spoke against him. He tells how much he has limited his mind from doubting him, but in reality, his family is right, Mihir is really a thief in the disguise of a famous designer. He scolds Mihir for his dirty act. Mihir explains Kartik that he is mistaken. He asks him not to create a drama in the market. Naira comes with the cops. The thief gets the bag back from them and tries to escape. Mihir stops the thief and snatches the bag. He protects the jewellery. Kartik tells Naira that Mihir is the the thief. Naira tells her that she has called Mihir here to take his help, since it was Manish who had asked her to find the jewellery.

She tells him that Mihir agreed to help her after hearing her plan. She tells that she got the cops as well. She tells how the van driver was involved with the thieves and planned that fake accident. She gets the thieves arrested. Mihir returns the jewellery to Kartik and asks him to check it once before handing it over to Jadejas. He tells him that he believes in healthy competition, not in tricks to win. He asks Kartik to go home with Naira. Naira hugs Kartik and is relieved that he won’t fall in any trouble. He vents our anger on her for not telling him anything and coming to the unsafe area with Mihir. He imagines to scold her.

In reality, he values Naira’s help. Naira tells him that she will go to thank Mihir. She asks him to give the jewellery to Jadejas and come home. She thanks Mihir. He tells her that it was his duty to find the jewellery, after all he was getting blamed. He asks her to make designs for his clients. She likes him since he is good-hearted, though he appears rude sometimes. Naira returns home and gets applauded for her bravery. Manish tells Naira that he was sure that Naira will bring them out of this troubles. He thanks Naira for keeping his faith. He is sure that Kartik and Naira will always protect the family.


Samarth doesn’t feel good and still doubts Mihir. He tells Akhilesh that maybe Naira is tricked by Mihir. Naira prepares dinner for the family. Everyone waits for Kartik. They finish dinner and go to sleep, while Kartik doesn’t turn up. Naira imagines Kartik’s arrival and romances him in her short dream. Naira wishes that her dream turns true. Kartik checks the jewellery and thinks of Mihir. He wonders why didn’t Naira tell her plans to him and confided in Mihir. He comes home and finds Naira waiting for him. He apologizes to her.

He finds her getting Mihir’s call and gets distanced once again. Manish is thankful to Mihir for all the help. He asks Naira to invite Mihir for dinner. Kartik doesn’t like the idea. Naksh and Kirti come home with Krish. They celebrate their happiness that they got the jewellery. Kirti asks Dadi to take care of Krish, since she has to go for work. Dadi gets upset and asks Kirti to manage her family. Naksh supports Kirti. Dadi wants Kirti and Naira to focus on their marriage and relations. Naira takes care of Krish happily.

Manish tells Suwarna that he wants to invite Mihir to thank him personally. Manish and Suwarna invite Mihir for dinner. Kartik and Naira get happy spending time with Krish. Dadi gets pleased with this sight and wishes that they get a child too. Dadi thinks once Naira gets a child, her family will get complete and also Naira will not pursue her career. She wants Naira to focus well only on family so that the peace and harmony sustains in their relations. Dadi happily blesses Kartik and Naira.


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