Kasautii Zindagii New Entry Major twists High Drama next

Kasautii Zindagii New Entry Major twists High Drama next

Kasautii Zindagii New Entry There will be big twists in the show with Mr. Bajaj’s much awaited entry, while Komolika escapes from the jail by shooting at the inspector. Anurag and Prerna will get a twist with Mr. Bajaj’s entry. Anurag saves Shivani from psycho Ronit. Veena tells Prerna that Ronit is harassing Shivani. Anurag bashes up Ronit and asks him not to dare hurt Shivani. Anurag throws him out of the house and asks him to never come back. Veena and Prerna console Shivani. Ronit gets revengeful against Anurag. Anurag doesn’t care about Ronit’s threatening. He asks Ronit to get out of their sight.

Shivani stays scared of Ronit knowing he will not accept Anurag’s warning. Veena blesses Anurag for his help. Anurag and Prerna have a sweet moment. Everyone is thankful to Anurag. Shivani gets happy seeing Prerna happy with her husband. Anurag feels its his duty to protect Prerna’s family. Anurag and Prerna return to Basu house. Anupam teases Anurag about losing his attention because of Prerna. Nivedita praises the food prepared by Prerna. Mohini doesn’t feel hungry and turns upset. She warns Nivedita against falling in Prerna’s feet. She asks Nivedita to either keep relation with Prerna or her.

Nivedita asks Mohini to accept Prerna as her Bahu. Anurag and Prerna get to meet the manager, who arrives home to alert them about Mr. Bajaj. Manager informs that Mr. Bajaj has shown interest in buying their company shares and maybe his intentions are to ruin them. Prerna asks manager to find out all the details about Mr. Bajaj. She wants to know why is Mr. Bajaj taking interest in Basu publications specifically. On the other hand, Nivedita tells Mohini that Prerna has exposed Komolika and now they should forget the past. She justifies Prerna’s deeds.

Anupam asks Nivedita to bring Mohini and Prerna closer. He tells that they should explain Mohini that Anurag loves Prerna. He is sure that Mohini will accept Anurag’s choice. Komolika shoots the inspector and escapes to get back to ruin Prerna. Komolika gets mad to kill Prerna. Anurag plans to propose Prerna. Komolika will be reaching Anurag and Prerna to ruin their romantic date and turn it into a moment of great sorrow.


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