Silsila Latest Today Veer suspects Ruhaan Mishti

Silsila Season Finale Ruhaan and Mishti unite

Silsila Latest Today Veer creates a scene in the police station and doesn’t apologize to the person he had hit. Ruhaan asks Mishti to stay in the car until he rescues Veer and gets him out. Veer tells the inspector that its not his mistake and he will not take the blame for everything always. He gets his personal issues in between. Ruhaan rushes seeing his poor state and hugs him. Veer realizes that Ruhaan isn’t his friend any more. He hates Ruhaan now. He tells Ruhaan that their friendship is over. He makes Ruhaan realize how it feels to lose a relation. He doesn’t trust Ruhaan, who has supported Mishti in the break up decision. Ruhaan tries hard to convince him.

Mishti stays worried for Veer, when Ruhaan avoids her calls. She wonders what’s happening and thinks to go in. Ruhaan tells the inspector about Veer, who is behaving so badly just because of his heartbreak. He justifies that his friend can never do anything wrong. Ruhaan tries to solve the mess to prove Veer’s innocence. Mishti thinks of calling a lawyer to get help for Veer. Veer hears her voice, but doesn’t see her. Ruhaan doesn’t want Mishti to come in. Mishti takes help from Pari and asks her to get a lawyer for Veer immediately. Ruhaan asks Veer to apologize and end the matter. Veer apologizes to the man and solves the issue. Inspector gets irritated by them. Veer is angry on Ruhaan, who didn’t come to him in the hour of need.

Ruhaan wants to be a dutiful friend. Inspector doesn’t want to spare Veer so easily. Ruhaan tells Inspector that he was dropping Veer home as they decided, Veer wasn’t meant to drink and drive. Ruhaan doesn’t let Veer fall in trouble. Arnav and the lawyer arrive to sort the legal matter. Mishti and Pari don’t want to meet Veer in such a time. Mishti prevents themselves from falling into an awkward moment. Ruhaan informs Mishti that he will drop Veer home. Veer wants to know when did Ruhaan call the lawyer, how did Arnav land there suddenly. He wants an answer from them. Arnav worries that Veer may misbehave with Ruhaan, because of Mishti.

He comes up with a story to convince Veer. Mishti is genuinely concerned for Veer, who is ruining his life. She feels guilty that she is the reason for everything. Mishti hides about her relationship with Ruhaan. Ruhaan drops Veer home. When Veer’s mum curses Mishti, Ruhaan breaks his silence and tells how Mishti has helped him. He defends Mishti and her intentions. Veer’s mum feels Mishti isn’t a great woman, after all she has put Veer into this state. Veer tells Ruhaan that he will hate Mishti for the breakup. He thanks Ruhaan for keeping their friendship. Veer vents anger over Mishti’s decision. His mum sympathizes with him. Ruhaan informs Mishti that Veer is fine, they have to break their relationship news to Veer at the right time.


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