Kartik Naira love relation to end in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata

Kartik Naira love relation to end in Yeh Rishta Kya

Kartik Naira love relation to end. Kartik gets into a fight with the goons and lands up in trouble. He got rescued by Mihir. Mihir drops injured Kartik and Naira home. Kartik gets angered on Mihir. Manish is grateful to Mihir for saving Kartik and Naira. Naira tells Mihir that if he didn’t come on time, Kartik would have suffered more. Kartik vents out his anger on Mihir. He expresses his bitterness and tells the family that Mihir had sent the goons to tease Naira, so that he can rescue her heroically and then impress her. He doubts on Mihir’s intentions. He feels just he has a right to save Naira.

Everyone is much worried seeing Kartik’s injuries. They ask Kartik not to vent anger and hurt himself more. They wish Kartik and Naira’s life to come back on the track. Naira and Mihir get shocked hearing Kartik’s bad perception. Dadi and Samarth wonder what’s fishy, how can Mihir come at the right time every time to help Naira. Mihir clarifies that he had an outing with his friends and he heard Naira’s call for help.

He tells how he saw Naira in trouble and then ran to help her out. He feels it was his duty to save his employee. He is protective of her just because she works for him. He isn’t impressing her. He is much hurt by Kartik’s bad remarks.

Kartik is hurt in his heart that he couldn’t save Naira, being her husband, and she needed someone else for her rescue. Naira favors Mihir since Mihir isn’t wrong. Kartik is upset that she is always favoring Mihir and showing much belief in him. Kartik feels like he has failed to protect Naira and Mihir is acting as a hero now. He wonders what will Naira feel about him. Kartik and Naira have a conflict because of Mihir. Naira doesn’t want the misunderstanding to grow more. Kartik’s family worries for his welfare. They just want Kartik to be fine and happy. Dadi reprimands Naira for breaking Kartik’s heart. She alerts Naira about the coming storm that can end her relation with Kartik.



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