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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Upcoming TV Spoilers Today Ghatbandhan: Raghu and Dhanak have a romantic moment, while she wakes up in the morning with love. Raghu gets delighted to find Dhanak close and wants her to confess love to him. He knows she loves him. Tawde had arrested Raghu and framed him in illegal activity. Raghu has learnt that Tawde is behind everything. He suspects Tawde’s motives. Tawde wants to test how Dhanak managers her job and her relationship with a local don’s family. Dhanak is succeeding in balancing her life and work. Raghu doesn’t want Dhanak to face any troubles because of him. He gets overjoyed with the feeling that he has won Dhanak’s heart forever. Dhanak doesn’t want Raghu to come in Maai or Tawde’s wrong influence.

Sameer and Anjor finally get married. They are very happy in their own world. Sameer tells Anjor that they can return home once Ranvijay permits them to go. Anjor and Chakor want to return to Mumbai, to be away from Ranvijay’s madness. Chakor fears that Ranvijay is after Anjor’s life. She can see the way Ranvijay and his family are torturing Anjor. Ranvijay asks Sameer and Anjor to stay with them for a while. This brings tension in Chakor’s mind. Ranvijay becomes a big threat for Chakor and Anjor. Sameer isn’t aware of Ranvijay’s cruel motives. He promises to always protect Anjor and secure her happiness.


Soumya has joined kinners once again and became Gurumaa. Harman reaches the kinners’ place and finds Soumya on the Gurumaa’s throne. He tells Soumya that he has fought with the society and family for the sake of love, he loved her and wanted to live with her. He asks her why did she cheat him and do this with his family. He tells her that this time she has cheated him, when he didn’t lessen his love ever. He blames her for stabbing his faith. Harman argues with Soumya. He tells her that he had ousted from the house in anger, but didn’t mean that she leaves. He says every husband and wife have a fight, they sort their fight with time, how could she take such a big decision and return to kinners’ world.

He wants an answer from Soumya. He asks her doesn’t she value relationships and love now. Soumya asks Harman to leave from her life, she doesn’t need anyone in her fight for identity. Harman tells her that he will forget her and their love. He angrily leaves from Soumya’s life. He asks Soumya to forget him, since their ways are different now. Harman and Soumya get separated. Saaya tries hard to explain Harman, but he turns deaf ears in anger.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika finally makes a way to Sahil. She tells Sahil’s family that Tanuj had blackmailed Sahil to marry Avantika. Vedika tells them that Sahil has agreed to marry Avantika for saving his love, Vedika. She has got evidences against Avantika. She stops the marriage and asks the pandit not to get a married man marry again, its illegal. She exposes Avantika’s truth. Rekha slaps Avantika. She can’t believe Avantika is so evil. She calls the cops to get Avantika arrested. Vedika and Sahil unite.

Vedika tells Sahil that they are made for each other, and its their destiny that brought them together. She tells Sahil how she got freed from Tanuj and came back home. She reveals Avantika and Tanuj’s plans. Manjula helps Vedika in her motives. Manjula unites Sahil and Vedika and blesses their true love. Sahil fills Vedika’s hairline with sindoor and completes his marriage with her once again. Vedika gets accepted by Rekha this time. All gets well for Sahil and Vedika.


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