Yeh Rishta Suspicion Romance and Shockers for Kaira

Yeh Rishta Latest Twists Marriage and Negative Shockers

Yeh Rishta Suspicion Romance twists Kartik and Naira’s relation gets more jitters because of Mitali. Naira asks Kartik why is he upset and talking weird things. She laughs on his words and assumes him to be joking. He tells her that he was lost in her thoughts. She gets happy hearing him. Mihir asks Kartik if he needs any help. Kartik tells Mihir that he has fixed his car and now they are leaving. Kartik feels awkward when he sees Mihir. Mihir stops Naira for work purpose again. Kartik feels alienated because of the nonsense Mitali has fed in his mind. Dadi refuses to give the jewellery to Gayu. Suwarna asks her why isn’t she agreeing to accept Gayu. Dadi tells her that she couldn’t accept Gayu heartily because of Gayu’s coming child, she doesn’t want to give ancestral jewellery to Gayu.

She tells Suwarna that its enough that they gave Goenkas name to Gayu and her coming child. Gayu hears them and gets much depressed. Suwarna senses someone at the door and wishes that its not Gayu who heard their conversation. Suwarna wants Dadi to change her heart. Naira praises Mihir’s designs and tells Kartik that Mihir is very talented and would have taken Goenkas business to new heights if he joined Goenkas. Kartik asks her if Mihir talks to her regarding Mitali. She tells him that Mihir is professional and doesn’t talk about Mitali during work. Kartik wonders why Mihir talks of Naira when he is off work.

Surekha tells Suwarna that Gayu had taken the tea for Dadi and then left from the house. Suwarna worries that Gayu has heard Dadi’s bitter things. Kartik and Naira come home and give a Kulfi treat to the family. Suwarna tells Naira that Gayu isn’t at home, maybe she has gone to Singhania house. She tells Naira how Dadi has spoken bitter things and hurt Gayu’s heart unknowingly. Naira gets angered knowing Dadi’s thinking didn’t change. Suwarna asks Naira not to tell anything to Kartik, else things will get worse. Naira confronts Dadi for hurting Gayu in the state of pregnancy. She blames Dadi for hurting Gayu’s sentiments.

Kartik wants to tell Naira about Mitali’s advice. Naira tells Kartik that she has urgent work and rushes to Singhania house. Kartik gets misunderstanding that Naira is avoiding him. Dadi wants Naira to focus on her own marriage first. She tells Suwarna that Naira is acting great and trying to balance many things altogether, which will result in her failing relationship with Kartik. She wants Naira to understand her prediction and give more time to Kartik. Naira meets Gayu and asks her to come back home with her. She asks Gayu not to upset Samarth. She is sure that Dadi will realize her mistake so soon.

Gayu doesn’t want to go back to Goenka house. Gayu knows Dadi will never accept her child. Naira and Devyaani give her hope that they will fix everything soon. Kartik calls Naira to know where is she. Naira attends Gayu and ignores Kartik’s call. Mitali calls Kartik and seeds suspicion in his mind again. Naira gets Gayu home and asks her to talk to her when Dadi behaves in wrong way. Mihir calls Naira for work and asks her to meet him at the hotel. Naira leaves for the meeting midway. Suwarna stops Samarth from going to room, so that he doesn’t know about Gayu’s disappearance. She gets a relief when Gayu comes home.

Kartik wants to tell Naira about Mitali. Mitali messages Kartik and calls him again. She is insecure because of Naira. She wants Kartik to limit his wife. Kartik tells Mitali that he completely trusts Naira. She tells him that Naira is with Mihir at the hotel. She insists him to check on Naira. Kartik doesn’t want to come in anyone’s words. He clears his dilemma and returns home. Samarth asks Kartik where did he go. Kartik tells him that he has gone out to clear his mind and got freshen up. He understands what to do to get his life back on track. He plans a date with Naira.


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