Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Hits Misses Drama Coming Twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Hits Misses Drama Coming Twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Hits Misses Chandan wants more work for Kulfi. He is very much greedy and wants money for himself. He brings Kulfi to the rally. He isn’t aware that even Sikandar is there. Sikandar and Pakhi become part of the rally to get some money. Chandan tells Kulfi that big politicians will be coming for the election campaign and she will get more work. She refuses to sing at any wrong place, where her heart doesn’t allow her. Chandan asks her to convince her heart and sing. He hears no excuses from her. Kulfi hears Sikandar’s voice and looks for him. She doesn’t see him. On the other hand, Lovely meets Nandini at a cafe. She shares her problem she doesn’t want to doubt on Sikandar, but the situation makes her suspect him more.

She tells Nandini about her husband’s strange behavior, like he is completely a different person. She tells that she is getting compelled to think the worse by seeing a total contrast personality of her husband post his big tragic accident. Bhola wants to get money soon. The man asks him to shout out in loud tone and help them in the campaign. Bhola gets hiccups when Kulfi misses him. Pakhi asks him who is missing him when she is with him. Bhola misses to see his fairy Kulfi. Lovely tells Nandini that her husband’s shocking anger is just like a devilish form. She asks Nandini if any injury or trauma completely change a person.

Nandini recalls Bhola and knows his big change. She tells Lovely that this can happen, its possible that post accident trauma transforms the person completely. Lovely shares everything since Nandini is a stranger. Nandini tells her that they are friends now and can share their probems. Bhola is taken on the stage to answer the people when the minister doesn’t turn up. Bhola talks in a kiddish way. Kulfi is away from the function at the time when he is on the stage. She hears his voice and gets recognizing him. Bhola gives good tips to the people and asks them to change their thinking. Kulfi rushes to him.

Bhola is then thrown out of the rally. Sudden chaos at the rally leaves Pakhi injured. Kulfi misses to see them. Bhola runs away with Pakhi. They don’t get any money. Bhola helps the man unknowingly and gets rewarded with the cash amount he wanted. Bhola and Pakhi get happy that they got the money. Bhola rushes Pakhi home. Nandini and Aai scold Bhola for taking Pakhi to the risking rally. Bhola apologizes to Nandini and promises to learn taking care of Pakhi.

Nandini feels sorry to scold Bhola. Bhola tells her that he earned money to get books, but spent money in Pakhi’s treatment. Nandini asks him not to stress, as she got the money back. She is happy that Bhola is so clean hearted. Aai reprimands Bhola. She asks Bhola to save Nandini from the bad landlord. She wants him to protect Nandini if he is calling himself her husband. She lectures him on the duties of a good husband. Bhola wants to become Nandini’s good husband.


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