High Five Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Happy Kulfi Krishna

High Five Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Happy Kulfi Krishna

Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Happy got married to RV. She has taken this big decision after RV rescued her from the problems once again. RV was awaiting Happy to accept his love. Happy marries him but isn’t happy. She gets emotional to leave her family. Happy wants to get away from everyone so that they live in peace. She really believes that she is inauspicious for Rocky and his family. She doesn’t want more troubles for them. Grover congratulates RV and Happy for the marriage.

Udaan: Chakor finally finds Prakash’s dead body and gets him home. Sameer and Anjor break down seeing Prakash dead. Sameer can’t believe that Ranvijay has killed Prakash. Chakor accuses Ranvijay and tells Sameer that Ranvijay has brutally murdered Prakash. Anjor supports Chakor. Sameer gets into a dilemma after losing his best friend. Chakor learns about Ranvijay’s crimes. She hides from him. Ranvijay wants to take revenge on Chakor. He plans to put Anjor in trouble. Chakor visits the brothel and finds Ranvijay there. She can do anything to expose Ranvijay. He is involved in illegal human trafficking. He makes money by selling the women to the brothel owner. Chakor gets disturbed knowing the business model of evil Ranvijay.

Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Veer spy on Radhe to know his truth. They want to know who is Radhe meeting and working for. They both take a disguise and get dressed in Burqa and veils. They find Radhe going to meet someone at night. Krishna and Veer mocked the fight to fool everyone that their relation is over, so that their enemy gets overconfident and commit a mistake. Radhe is playing this drama on Sunaina’s orders. He is fooling Shukla family. Krishna and Veer will be learning Sunaina’s evil plan for her selfish motives.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Bhola and Pakhi get into a political rally. They become part of the rally in order to get money. Kulfi also comes there with Chandan. She is sure that Sikandar is around. She looks for him and doesn’t get to see him. There are many hits and misses between Kulfi and Sikandar. Chandan finds a new manager to handle Kulfi’s career. Chandan wants many singing assignments for Kulfi so that he can earn a lot by using her talents. He gets her to the political rally to make her sing for money. Bhola and Kulfi couldn’t meet. Bhola enjoys his time with Pakhi. He sings and jumps, while obeying the person who got him to the rally. He waits to get money. He wants to buy the medical books for Nandini’s exams. Chandan makes Kulfi sing and gets money.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika gets buried in the ground by Tanuj. He makes a video and sends to Sahil. Sahil rushes there and asks Tanuj where is Vedika. Tanuj keeps a condition and asks Sahil to marry Avantika. Sahil begs to Tanuj and agrees to the condition to save Vedika’s life. Tanuj gets Vedika out of the grave. Vedika fights back and hits Tanuj. She burns him alive and ends his torture story for once and all. She decides to kill him. She saves Sahil’s life. Sahil and Vedika finally unite.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina try to stay happy during their struggles. Naina is worried for his hardships. Sameer consoles her and asks her to be strong. They face many troubles. They have come to the city with many dreams, but find hard to fulfill their dreams. Sameer tells her that he will achieve success very soon. They shed tears and try to lighten their heart. Sameer then romances Naina to cheer her up.

Ghatbandhan: Raghu gets into a fight with Tawde and then doesn’t let anyone speak about the fight. Raghu teaches a lesson to Tawde, who tells Dhanak that Raghu has beaten him up. Dhanak supports Raghu and knows that Raghu is behind Tawde’s state. Raghu and Maai make fun of Tawde. They don’t let Tawde win. The locality people support Raghu and love him a lot. They lie to the police and tell that they didn’t see Raghu beating Tawde. Raghu provokes Tawde for expressing his motives. Tawde warns Dhanak and questions her duty towards the law.


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