Kulfi Kumar Shocking declaration for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Shocking declaration for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Shocking declaration Chandan tells Kulfi that Rajkumar has told him everything about her disobedience. He asks her why did she run away from the event. He had to return the money. He wants an answer from her. She gets scared of him and lies to him. Lovely watches his strange behavior with Kulfi. Chandan tells Kulfi that she has to pay for his loss now. She tells him that she won’t sing and won’t listen to him, he can’t control her like this. She gets angry on Chandan and goes away. Chandan gets angry on her. Lovely stops Chandan from misbehaving with Kulfi. He tells her that he has to control Kulfi else she will get spoiled. Kulfi recalls her time with Sikandar and badly misses him.

Bhola tells Pakhi that he wants to become a good husband for Nandini. She tells him that her teacher can help him in this task. Nandini gets troubled by the landlord again. Nandini gets angry on him when he offers to marry her. He threatens to make her homeless. She asks him to leave from her clinic. Bhola meets the mother in church and wants to learn becoming a good husband. He seeks her help. Chandan tells Lovely that Kulfi has run away. He madly looks for Kulfi. He finds Kulfi and treats her badly.

This gets shocking for Lovely and entire family. Bhola tells Nandini that he will become a good husband. He starts matching her steps to walk with her in all phases of life. He gets happy that he is winning in his aim. Pakhi tells Nandini that Bhola is trying to become a good husband. Nandini laughs on his innocent approach. She tells him that he is already a good husband. This makes him happy. Mohendar protects Kulfi from Chandan. The family gets another shock when Chandan raises a hand on Mohendar shocking. Chandan warns Mohendar from interfering in his personal matters.

He doesn’t spare Kulfi and makes Mohendar away. Mohendar sits in sorrow and shock. Chandan wants to teach a lesson to Kulfi, who behaved rudely with him. He scares Kulfi further. Lovely asks him not to shout on Kulfi. He doesn’t want to pamper Kulfi. He tells Lovely that he will put Kulfi in fear to control her. He realizes his anger hurting everyone and making them suspect him. He apologizes to everyone and thinks everyone will get into Kulfi’s words if he makes Kulfi cry further.

He starts emotionally brainwashing them. He tells Lovely that Kulfi will sing for them and earn money, since he has lost his voice. He tells Lovely that he isn’t making Amyra sing and just wants Kulfi to sing for them. Lovely consoles Kulfi and asks her to give some time to Sikandar. Kulfi tells Lovely that Sikandar is fraud, this isn’t her father, who can never hurt her heart. She is sure that Sikandar isn’t the real one. Lovely asks her to understand that its the post accident trauma which changed him so much.

Nandini’s mum asks Bhola to do work to get money for the family. She asks him how long will Nandini earn for him. Bhola doesn’t understand the tasks given by Aai. She asks him to earn a living for the family. Kulfi informs Rocket about Chandan’s misbehavior. She wants to find Sikandar some how. Lovely doesn’t know why Sikandar has changed so much. She gets spying on Chandan to know the truth.


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