Preview Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Chandan’s truth out

Preview Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Chandan's truth out

Preview Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Rocket reaches the drug peddlers to know about Chandan. He asks the man to tell him about Sikandar Singh Gill, if he has taken the drugs from a supplier. Kulfi misses Sikandar and sings his song. Sikandar enjoys her song and sings with her. She gets surprised and looks for him. He is taken away from her sight. She misses to see him. Rocket tells the man that Sikandar is his friend’s father, he wants to know why is Sikandar taking the drugs. The man tells that Sikandar is actually Chandan, who took Sikandar’s place to enjoy a lavish life.

Rocket gets a huge shock knowing about Sikandar’s look alike Chandan. He tries to get away from the drug peddlers and run. He gets trapped by the thugs. He has learnt the shocking truth that Chandan is the imposter and Kulfi’s doubt was right. Rocket wants to inform this to Kulfi. Kulfi hears the people praising Sikandar’s singing. She enquires to find out about him. She fails to find him. Nandini’s Aai asks Bhola if he has earned the money for Nandini. Bhola tells her that he has failed to get the food and money. Aai reprimands him. Kulfi gets worried for Rocket. She wants to know what did Rocket find out. She hopes that Rocket will get important information about Sikandar. Rocket gets the goon’s phone. He tries to call up Kulfi.

Lovely doubts on Sikandar’s big change. She searches his room to get information. She gets his medicines and wonders why is he taking those tablets when its not prescribed by the doctor. She thinks to ask Sikandar about the tablets. Lovely gets suspicious of Sikandar, who is actually Chandan. Bhola gets upset and tells Pakhi that he is feeling low like a loser, since he couldn’t get any money for Nandini.

Pakhi encourages him and asks him not to take stress about Nandini, who doesn’t have much expectations from him. Rocket thinks if anyone else answers the call, it will be a problem. Kulfi gets the call, and thinks maybe Rocket is calling her. She answers the call and asks Kulfi to come for his rescue. Chandan too gets to know about Rocket gathering information about him. Chandan goes to meet his friends at the same place. Will Kulfi learn Chandan’s truth? Keep reading.


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