Upcoming Spoilers Star Plus Interesting Twists

Upcoming Spoilers Star Plus Interesting Twists

Upcoming Spoilers Star Plus Kulfi Kumar Kulfi sings a melodious song in the birthday party, which gets sighted by Sikandar aka Bhola. Kulfi gets stuck in the middle of the song. Music brings them together once again. Sikandar sings the song and completes it. She can’t believe it and sings with him. She turns to see him. She misses to see Sikandar, since the waiters take him away. The manager asks Sikandar/Bhola to do his work and not play around. Sikandar tells him that he needs just some time to meet his fairy.

Kulfi gets desperate to find Sikandar. She gets searching for him. Chandan unknowingly stops Kulfi from reaching Sikandar. Kulfi thinks if she has really heard Sikandar’s voice or daydreaming. Manager gets upset with Bhola and asks the waiter to throw him out of the restaurant. He doesn’t give any food or money to Bhola. Kulfi and Sikandar have a close hit and miss.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag proposes Prerna for marriage. He wants to marry her again. He confesses his love to Prerna. Prerna too accepts his love. Anurag convinces Mohini to bless them. Mohini and Veena give their nod for the marriage, knowing about Prerna’s pregnancy. Anurag and Prerna get married in the presence of the family and media.

Mr. Bajaj makes an entry in Basu mansion to meet Anurag. Anurag and Prerna make marital vows that they will never get separated, nobody can come between them to make them apart. They are very happy together. Mr. Bajaj enters Prerna’s life.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Happy has married RV just to save her family. She wants to ruin RV and expose his truth. She has learnt RV’s truth from Anaya. Happy gets hurt. She heals her wounds. She is getting tortured by RV. She doesn’t want to shatter. She hates RV. She has sworn to destroy RV. Happy has saved Rocky from RV. RV gets insecure seeing them. He punishes Happy for supporting Rocky. Happy wants to punish RV for breaking her trust and harming her family. She counts the number of crimes he has committed.

Rocky is worried for Happy. He vents anger on Madhu. He asks Madhu to know about Happy, who has sacrificed her life for them. He is upset that Madhu didn’t value his feelings for Happy. Madhu asks him not to blame her if Happy decided to marry RV. Rocky gets heartbroken and gets support from Simmi.


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