High Five Spoilers Shakti Raja Jhansi

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Spoilers Shakti Raja Jhansi Ki Rani: Manu couldn’t read Gangadhar’s letter due to the tears in her eyes. She thinks what is this letter and thinks to read it later. She comes to the court in the morning. Gangadhar thinks if she read the letter or not. Ross comes to the Palace and informs Gangadhar that they have kept pre-inauguration celebration party at the commissary and invites Manu and Gangadhar for the success celebration party. Manu tells Tatya guru that they have to take Ghouse Khan’s help.

Ghouse Khan tells that they have to get the map of the railroad project to know from where to where the road rail system is formed. Ghouse Khan says we can do the work after getting the map. Tatya guru asks Manu to get the map anyhow from the commissary when she goes to the party. Manu determines to get the map anyhow to fail britishers’ plan.

Shakti:Kinnars complains to Police against Harman. Soumya takes Harman’s side and tells Inspector that he didn’t take the baby forcibly. Harman thinks Soumya had called the Police, but later he believes her. He imagines Soumya in his room and calls her Gulabo. He imagines spending time with her and decides to win her love again. Someone is conspiring against them and want their divorce to happen. Saya hides the divorce papers from Soumya and wants Harman and Soumya to unite. She takes Rajat’s help to find out the solution.

Main bhi Ardhangini: Anuradha sees Vaidehi’s lookalike Chitra and questions her about her identity. Chitra tries to strangulate and kill her in order to hide her truth. Vaidehi sees Chitra trying to kill Anuradha and calls everyone. She asks her to leave Anuradha. Anuradha faints. All the family members come there and see Vaidehi holding Anuradha’s neck. They blame Vaidehi. Vaidehi tells Madhav that her lookalike tried to kill Anuradha. Sangram ignores her words and tells that they all have seen how she attacked Anuradha. He says Vaidehi can’t stay in the house anymore and asks her to leave. Vaidehi is shocked. Anuradha gains consciousness and tells about the other Vaidehi who attacked her.

Main Maayke Chali Jawungi: Shalini convinces Jaya that she was Samar’s first love and mother of his son Jerry. Jaya brings Shalini to the Police station and tells Samar that she wants him to give the rights to Shalini which she deserves. Samar asks which right? Jaya says your wife’s rights. She takes off the mangasultra and gives to Shalini. She breaks relation with Samar and says we have no relation now. She asks him to give wife’s rights to Shalini. She asks him to marry her. Shalini creates such a situation forcing all family members to agree for Samar and her marriage.

Raja Beta: Purva and Vedant’s relation is hit by a big conspiracy of Pankhudi and Ramesh. Vedant gets emotional holding her hand. Purva says there can be three reasons for still holding her hand. She thinks he is either drunk, lost somewhere although he is with wife or doesn’t want to leave her hand. Pankhudi knocks on the door. Purva frees her hand and goes to open the door. Vedant is shocked. Pankhudi and Ramesh are taking Rahul’s help to hit Vedant and Purva’s relation.


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