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Star Plus Read Friday's Top 2 Upcomings

Star Plus Spoilers Coming Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Prerna gets kidnapped. Nivedita informs this shocking news to Anurag. She supports Anurag and wants to find Prerna. Nivedita gets Anupam and Shivani on her side. They doubt Ronit and want to find him. Mohini doesn’t want Anurag to tak the risk. Anurag doesn’t listen to anyone. He wants to save Prerna. Shivani tells Anurag that Ronit has already threatened to kill Prerna. Mishka meets Anurag and tells him that Ronit has kidnapped Prerna. Anurag vents anger on her. Mishka asks him to trust her, she has come to help him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Kulfi gets happy when she hears Sikandar’s singing. She asks the manager how did that man look, where is he, where did he go. She gets sure that Chandan isn’t her father Sikandar. She doesn’t want to live with him. Chandan is forcing her to sing and is sinking him in sorrow. Chandan collects the money from the manager. He asks Kulfi to come with her. Kulfi fails to know about Bhola. She just gets hopeful that her father is close and very soon she will find him.

Pyaar Ke Papad:
Shivika gets troubled post her marriage with Omkar. She is trying hard to convince her dad Triloki. She doesn’t get forgiven. Jaya gets troubling Shivika. She asks Shivika to make dinner for everyone in two hours. Omkar asks Jaya how will Shivika cook everything so soon, when the rasam is just about making sweets. Jaya argues with him. Omkar tells his family that he had to marry Shivika in the helpless situation when Alankar defamed them by showing the wrong pictures. The family gets understanding Omkar. His brothers support him, while Jaya is angry. Jaya doesn’t want to accept Shivika. Omkar proves that his love for Shivika is true.


He apologizes to his family. Shivika finds Omkar wrong and asks if he is acting great. Omkar asks her to forgive him and start afresh. Omkar finds Shivika struggling in the kitchen. He helps Shivika in impressing the family. He falls in trouble when he gets caught getting the food from the hotel. Jaya doesn’t want Omkar to pamper Shivika. Shivika makes the dinner a bit late and surprises Jaya. Jaya spoils the food made by Shivika.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rivaaj comes home. Raghav opens the door secretly using a technique. Rivaaj rubbishes his fear. He is about to go to his room when Anjali calls his name. Rivaaj is scared to see the ghost standing in the hall. He climbs down the stairs and runs towards her. He asks her to stop and stabs a glass piece on her back. The girl acting as the ghost is not Anjali, but Rani. Rani gets injured. Raghav and Anjali are hiding and get shocked. Rivaaj is about to see Rani.


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