Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming Major Kulfi finds Sikandar

Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming Major Kulfi finds Sikandar

Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming Major Twist Chandan reaches the goon’s place and until then Rocket goes away from there. Chandan doesn’t get to catch Rocket. Rocket escapes and rushes to meet Kulfi to tell her that Chandan isn’t Sikandar. He meets Kulfi and tells her that Chandan is an imposter, he isn’t Sikandar and is just enjoying his lavish life. She pledges to find her father. Rocket thanks her for saving his life and promises to always protect her as an elder brother. He wants to always believe her and stand by her. He drops her home. She tells him that she will tell the family about Chandan. He stops her from revealing the truth, since Chandan is clever and will prove her wrong, he can harm her as well. He asks her to make a plan to expose Chandan.

On the other hand, Lovely finds Gunjan unconscious and panics. She recalls the times when she has hurt Gunjan before. She worries for Gunjan. Bhola wins the competition at Pakhi’s school and makes Nandini proud. He sings a song. A man hears him and likes his singing. He offers a singing opportunity to Bhola. Bhola happily accepts the easy task to earn a living for Nandini. Lovely calls Nandini and tells about Gunjan. She makes the video call to show Gunjan’s state. Nandini tells Lovely that its a heart attack, Lovely has to follow her instructions and pump her heart externally. Lovely does as Nandini guides her and revives Gunjan’s heart.

Gunjan gets conscious. Lovely gets happy that she has saved Gunjan’s life. She gets thankful to Nandini for her timely advice. Bhola earns money and gets food and gifts for the family. Nandini, Pakhi and Aai get happy seeing the gifts. Aai gets happy seeing them and blesses Nandini’s family to complete with Bhola. She finds Bhola good-hearted and prays that Bhola’s family never reach Nandini’s world. She wants Bhola to always keep Nandini and Pakhi happy. She gets emotional and wants Nandini’s happiness. Nandini cries on seeing Bhola’s genuine concern for them. Chandan meets the manager and wants Kulfi to sing more. Kulfi gets threatened by Chandan again. The music director tells Chandan that Kulfi will be singing with a male singer.

Kulfi hears the song and realizes that its Sikandar’s voice. She gets too happy and doesn’t tell anything to Chandan. Chandan asks Kulfi why is she so happy hearing her own song. Kulfi doesn’t tell him that music has brought Sikandar back in her world. Kulfi gets excited to meet the singer. She tells Rocket that Sikandar has sung that song. She asks the music director about the singer. The man tells her that Bhola has sung this song. Kulfi realizes that Bhola is Sikandar, since she has got enough signs about him before. She wants to meet Pakhi and know about Bhola. She wants to meet Sikandar. Pakhi doesn’t tell her about Bhola. Bhola calls out Pakhi on coming there. Kulfi sees Sikandar and gets too happy. She runs to hug him and gets delighted that she has finally found her father. Keep reading on more on Kullfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming.


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