Ye Rishtaa Kya Kehlata Hai Tonight Kaira get separated

Ye Rishtaa Kya Kehlata Hai Tonight Kaira get separated

Ye Rishtaa Kya Kehlata Hai Tonight Naira returns home and completes the aarti. She looks for Kartik and finds him gone. Suwarna asks Naira about Kartik. Naira asks the family to go to temple, she will find out Kartik and come. Naira wonders why did Kartik leave the aarti and go. She fears by the weather change. She wishes that Kartik stays fine. Kartik imagines some people who advice him not to ask anything to Naira, else the relation will spoil. Kartik’s alter ego advises him to question Naira, else he will die by the increasing doubt. Kartik gets into a dilemma. He wants to ask Naira once so that his doubt comes to an end. He goes home to meet her. Naira doesn’t want to think anything worse. Kartik arrives home and gives a relief to Naira. Naira gets caring for him. He reminisces their old moments. Naira gets the doctor’s call.

Doctor confirms to Naira about the pregnancy. She asks Naira to go ahead and share the good news with Kartik. The short circuit fails the power. Naira gets too happy and wants to give the good news to Kartik. She wants him to come to her fast. Kartik meets her and confesses his love for her. Naira wants to tell him about her pregnancy. She finds him in tension and asks the reason for his state. He tells her that he loves her a lot and she knows it very well.

Naira knows about his love and asks him not to worry for their relation, since something is going to complete them. He tells her that he is much hurt and even if she has made a mistake, he will forget it and ignore the society norms, he is ready to forgive her and move on in life. She asks him not to scare her further and just tell the matter. He hugs her and asks her if she has made an illegitimate relation with Mihir. He asks her to answer him, so that his mind gets calm. He apologizes to her, since this question is killing him within.

Naira gets a huge shock knowing about his bad suspicion over her character. She gets much upset and can’t believe that he is confronting her. She tells Kartik that its not fair that he asks such a thing. He tells her that Mitali has poisoned his mind and he can’t help but ask the truth. Naira gets troubled and angrily tells him that whatever he is thinking is true. Kartik gets upset when she accepts the affair. Naira sheds tears and goes away from Kartik. Kartik angrily ruins his room by believing what she told him and left.


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