Silsila Voot Latest Feature 11th June 2019

Silsila Voot Latest Feature 11th June 2019

Silsila Voot Latest Feature Mishti gets prepared for the event where Veer would be coming. Pari doesn’t want Mishti to face Veer. She gets a weird feeling and wants to keep Mishti away from the event. Mishti tells Pari that she will handle Veer and also his anger. She feels sorry to lie to Pari. She doesn’t want to miss the chance to talk to Veer. She hopes to gain courage to tell Veer about Ruhaan and her relation. Pari confronts Mishti for not telling her about trying to meet Veer. She tells that Ruhaan has told this to her. Mishti tells Pari that she wanted to meet Veer and get his welfare. She wants Mishti to avoid Veer from now. Mishti tells her that she has to tell about her life’s important relation to Veer. Pari asks her what is she hiding.

Mishti clarifies to cover up her relation with Ruhaan. Even then Pari senses that there is a new guy in Mishti’s life. She questions Mishti about the special person in her life. Mishti asks Pari about her lover, since she has learnt this from a good source. She doesn’t want to let Pari go and know about her love. Pari tells Mishti that she is in love with Ruhaan. This shocks Mishti for a while. Pari then misleads Mishti and asks her to answer Ruhaan’s call. She wants to tell Ruhaan about her feelings first and then Mishti.

Mishti and Ruhaan are also hiding their relationship from the family so that they tell Veer about it first. Mishti hides about Ruhaan and her special meet. She goes to meet Ruhaan and they together see the new flat, meant for their future. They get romancing and decide the future plans. She gets happy to plan the home decor.

Ruhaan gets happy seeing her inputs and gives her the liberty to decorate it her way. They spend some good time. Arnav calls Pari for an urgency. He meets Pari and tells her about Veer who is getting too affected by his break up. He tells her that Veer has sent an advance cheque for them. He doesn’t trust Veer. He tells her that Veer is still stuck on his break up and turned aggressive.

He wishes that Veer moves on over this break up. He understands that Veer is venting out his frustration. Pari tells him that its not Mishti’s fault to break up with him, since Mishti realized that there is no love in their relation. She hopes that Veer respects Mishti’s relation, which was meant to sort their lives. Pari tells him that Mishti has already headed for the event. He fears that Mishti will get humiliated there. He asks Pari to call up Mishti and get her home. Ruhaan and Mishti meet the financier to talk about home loans. Ruhaan wants to buy the flat by taking a home loan at the earliest.

Pari fails to contact Mishti and Ruhaan. Mishti tells Ruhaan that they will manage to buy the house at any cost. Mishti wants to give her savings to him. He refuses to accept her help and wants to work harder. She asks him not to work against his self will and take her help, since they are one unit now. He wants to fulfill his dream and get a home for them. He asks her to give him some time to fulfill his vow. Keep reading for more on Silsila Voot Latest Feature.


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