Watch Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Promo 11th June 2019

Watch Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Promo 11th June 2019

Watch Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Flash Upcoming Chandan tricks Mohendar when the latter tries to support the family financially. He tells Mohendar that he will talk to music producers and get him some work. He calls his goon and asks him to follow Kulfi, so that she doesn’t escape from the Karate class. He wants to find Sikandar soon and kill him so that he can secure his place. Kulfi goes for the Karate classes with Amyra. She meets her friends. She gets worried seeing Chandan’s goon following her. Amyra asks Kulfi to stay away from her. Rocket and others trick the goon and get Kulfi with them. Kulfi goes to meet Bhola. She sees Bhola playing like a kid and realizes the suffering he is unknowingly going through. She breaks into tears on seeing Sikandar.

Pakhi misleads Bhola and tells him that Kulfi is a witch who wants to take him away from them. Bhola gets scared of Kulfi and stops her from hugging him. He tells her that she is evil and he believes Pakhi. She tells him that she is his daughter, his fairy, whom he loves dearly. Pakhi throws out Kulfi from her heart. Rocket feels sorry for Kulfi after seeing the drama. He tells her that they should leave and not come in the sight of Chandan’s goon. They make a plan to take disguise and meet Bhola. Lovely seeks help from Nandini to know about Kamla, since Sikandar is her visitor.

Nandini gets information from the doctor about Kamla. She asks Kamla if she knows Sikandar, who are her children, do they visit her or not. Kamla asks her about her son Chandan. Nandini asks her more about Chandan. She gets no more answers. Kulfi and her friends cleverly hatch a plan to make Sikandar recover his lost memories. Kulfi wants to get rid of Pakhi. Kulfi takes the help of music and connects with Sikandar again. She meets Bhola and touches his heart by playing music and singing songs, which is his interests as well. She gets happy when he behaves like Sikandar. Nandini informs Lovely about Chandan and alerts her so that she can find the truth hidden by Sikandar.

She asks Lovely not to confront her husband and know more about his secret. Lovely gets suspicious of Sikandar. Kulfi and Sikandar sing their favorite song together and get too overjoyed. They connect with their hearts and soul, that’s music. They get emotional. Pakhi gets jealous seeing them. Lovely spies on Chandan and checks his phone. She tries to get information that could help her in finding the truth.


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