Dreamy romance and celebrations for Kaira in Yeh Rishta

Dreamy romance and celebrations for Kaira in Yeh Rishta

Celebrations for Kaira in Yeh Rishta with Naira’s birthday round the corner. Kartik gets rude towards Vedika. Vedika gets sorrowful and leaves the house. Gayu and Dadi inform Kartik that Vedika had packed her bags and left the house without informing them. Kartik gets worried since Vedika has no family. Dadi asks Kartik to get Vedika home since she is his responsibility. Manish reminds Kartik the day when he has got Vedika home and accepting her responsibility. Kartik goes to get Vedika. Vedika gets surrounded by the goons, who follow her and try to tease her. The goons scare her. Kartik stops them from hurting Vedika. He gives them the wallet and asks them to leave with the money. Kartik wants to end the matter.

The goons don’t listen to him and get into a fight with him. Kartik then shows his heroic side and beats them up in a row. He asks Vedika why didn’t she defend, every girl should protect herself. She gets hurt by his words and reminds him that she isn’t bold like Naira. On the other hand, some goons trouble Naira and demand money from her. They also threaten to kidnap her son for ransom, if she refuses to give them money. She doesn’t want to give money by obeying their wrong demand. She fights them after losing her cool when it comes about Kairav’s security. Kairav enjoys the fight and applauds Naira. Kartik and Naira have a similar fight sequence.

Naira warns the goons and spares them. Kartik apologizes to Vedika and explains her that she should become brave. He thinks of Naira and gets Vedika home. Naira’s friend advises Naira not to get into any fight with the goons, who can get dangerous for Kairav. She asks Naira to give money and end the matter, since Kairav doesn’t have his dad to protect him. Naira feels she us sufficient for Kairav’s safety. The family asks Kartik to behave well with Vedika, since he is the person who got her home.

Dadi asks Kartik to think of remarriage. She tells how Manish has remarried after Soumya’s death. She tells him that Suwarna has made a place in their family and even Vedika will make her own place. She asks him to marry Vedika at least for the sake of their happiness. Naira gets stressed about Kairav’s safety. Kairav learns self defence and tells her that he will become strong to protect her since there is no man in the family. She gets emotional with his words. Kartik misses Naira badly and blames himself for making Naira away from him. He doesn’t want to marry anyone. He can’t give Naira’s place to Vedika. Manish shows his cool side.

Suwarna asks him not to experiment new things in his old age. Manish asks her not to call him old. Manish meets some bikers. Vansh calls him grandpa and teases him. Manish is happy enjoying family time. Suwarna misses Naira and thinks of her birthday. She wonders what is Kartik going through. Kairav asks Naira’s friend if she has seen his dad. She refuses to say anything. Naira sells off her scooty to get money and manage the house. Kairav wants to help Naira. He doesn’t want to take money from anyone else. He wants to celebrate Naira’s birthday in a good way. Kartik imagines Naira and celebrates her birthday. He gets emotional and wants to celebrate her birthday the way she used to like. Keep reading for more on Kaira and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.


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