Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Stunned revelation of Sahil’s wife

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Stunned revelation of Sahil's wife

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Stunned revelation Raman and Ishita meet Manish’s mother Padma and tell her the truth about Sahil Shah and his goons troubling Bhalla family day and night. They also reveal how Sahil has framed Ruhi in the bad case and blackmailed Ishita further to trap her with Shaina’s identity. Raman pleads to Manish’s mother to help them out by convincing Manish to testify in Ishita’s favor. Raman wants to stop Ishita’s arrest some how. He fears that Ishita will fail to prove her innocence and land in jail, which will make way for Sahil’s release. He knows that once Sahil comes out of the jail, he will try to trouble the family once again. Ishita tells Manish’s mum that Manish works for Sahil and knows Sahil’s entire plan.

Padma tells them that Manish has left the house long ago and ended ties with them. She feels helpless that she can’t do anything in this regard. Ishita asks her to talk to Manish once. She convinces Padma and gets her to the commissioner’s office. She tells the commissioner that Manish’s mother wants to meet Manish. She gets the permission for their meeting. Manish gets delighted to meet his mum after a long time. Padma slaps him and asks him to tell the truth about Ishita. She wants Manish to come out of the crimes world and return to family. She emotionally blackmails him and wants him to support Ishita. Manish doesn’t want to cheat Sahil. He doesn’t tell anything in Ishita’s favor even when Padma threatens of suicide.

Ishita stops Padma from shooting herself and snatches the gun from her. She asks Padma not to risk her life, its a big thing that she tried to convince Manish. Manish goes back to the lockup. Commissioner apologizes as he has to arrest Ishita now. Ishita’s last attempt also fails. Ruhi and Karan try to help Ishita. Ishita wants them to go home. She gets saddened. Manish gets ready to change his statement and support Ishita. He tells Padma that she is doing this just for her. He realizes that Ishita has saved Padma’s life and apologizes to her. He accepts Sahil’s crimes and reveals how Sahil has made the evidences against her. He tells them that she isn’t Shaina, but Ishita.

Ishita also accepts that she has spoiled Sahil’s big deals to save her country people. She tells commissioner that Sahil has run all the illegal businesses. Manish takes the blame on himself and tells her that Sahil isn’t at any fault. He tells the commissioner that Shamshad and he run all the businesses. Ishita learns that Hetal is Sahil’s wife, who is good-hearted and helpful towards them. Hetal tells them that she wants to save the Bhallas from Sahil and also reform him for the good. She asks Bhallas to help her achieve her goals. Hetal promises to protect them. Sahil gets released from the jail. He turns revengeful against Bhallas again to know who has murdered his sister Muskaan.


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