Abir Kunal Rishte Pyaar Ke face new storm from the past

Rishtey Pyaar Abir Kunal to meet their father

Abir Kunal Rishte Pyaar Ke Kuhu expresses her feelings that she is in love. She gets silly in her talks. Mishti covers up for her confessions and misleads the family. Even then Kuhu announces her love for Kunal. Varsha slaps her and dismisses her thoughts. She tells her that Kunal will never accept her, he has already rejected her once. Kuhu tells her that times have changed and Kunal changed as well. She also thinks Kunal likes her. Abir realizes that Kunal is falling for Kuhu. He teases Kunal. Kunal tells Abir that Kuhu is special for him, he likes her. Abir finds this a really good news. He rushes to call Mishti and tell her about Kunal’s feelings for Kuhu.

Kunal likes Kuhu since she is ready to change herself and do anything for his love, unlike Mishti. Kunal thinks Kuhu is a right match for him. Abir tells Mishti that they have to unite Kunal and Kuhu very soon by convincing their families. They want to find ways to bring Kunal and Kuhu together. Varsha tells Kuhu that Meenakshi will never accept her, after Mishti’s move to reject Kunal.

Abir and Kunal take sweets for Meenakshi and give the good news of Abir’s school project success. They share their happiness. Meenakshi will be soon learning about the love story forming between Kunal and Kuhu. She doesn’t want any storm in her family because of Mishti and Kuhu. Meenakshi hides a big truth about Abir’s father’s past related to Kunal.

Meenakshi hides the shocking truth that Parul is Kunal’s real mother. She doesn’t want any oversmart bahu who will dig out this secret and break the unity between the brothers. Meenakshi and Parul’s connected past will be surfacing in the coming track. The only person knowing this huge secret will be Abir and Kunal’s Nanu, who totally supports Meenakshi’s decisions for the betterment of the family. Nanu still wants both his grandsons to get their love stories fulfilled.


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