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Star Plus Top Rated Yeh Rishta Reunion Moment

Watch Yeh Rishta Kartik Kairav Union Kairav goes missing suddenly. Naira gets worried when she misses to find him. She feels guilty and thinks she is a bad mother. She wonders if the goons kidnapped him, as they threatened before. Her friend consoles her and asks her not to get any negative thoughts in her mind. Meanwhile, Kairav reaches the same neighbor uncle to get his phone and call Kartik. He tells the man that he wants to make a call. He helps the man and impresses him. Kartik waits for Kairav’s call. Naira and Lisa try to find Kairav. Kairav takes the phone to make a call. Vedika thanks Kartik for accompanying her to Goa.

She is happy that Kartik is changing himself and behaving positive. Kairav calls Kartik and tells him about Naira’s brave move. He tells that the problem got solved because of his idea. He asks Kartik how did he get such an idea. Kartik tells Kairav that his wife is brave and used to fight goons like that. Kairav tells Kartik that Kartik’s wife would be his mum. He jokes on the game that Kartik has passed Naira’s idea to her. Kartik gets happy talking to him. He asks Kairav if his mum knows about their talks.

After much ado, Naira reaches Kairav and takes the phone. Kartik senses her and then the call disconnects. Naira asks Kairav what was he doing. Kairav tells her that he was talking to his dad. Naira gets emotional and cries. She knows that he is longing for his dad. Naira is worried for Kairav’s emotional swing. Naira doesn’t know to whom is Kairav talking. Lisa asks Naira to make Kairav talk to his real dad if he is alive. Naira tells Lisa that Kartik is alive, but she is dead for him. She can’t make Kartik and Kairav meet. Naira suppresses her pain.

Gayu asks Vedika to give some time to Kartik. She advices her to make Kartik move on. Suwarna doesn’t want Vedika to get upset. Kartik thinks if it will be good to go to Goa for Kairav’s sake. He wants to decide if he should go or not. Naira prepares for the Goa Carnival. She imagines Kartik and is scared of the happenings. She doesn’t want Kartik to break her courage. She wants him away from her life. Kartik asks her not to make him away from his son. Naira doesn’t know if Kartik will believe them. Naira recalls the past when she has taken the step of leaving Kartik. Naira wanted to have a fresh start with Kartik.

She was much upset that Goenkas and Singhanias assumed her dead. She couldn’t meet Kartik, after seeing a confrontation between Kartik and Mihir. She felt shattered when Mihir failed to clear Kartik’s suspicion. She had taken the decision to get away from Kartik, because of his doubts on her character. Mihir tried hard to clear Kartik’s doubts regarding Naira and his relationship. Kartik didn’t forgive Naira for the cheat. This had broken Naira’s heart and she had taken the extreme step of accepting her fake death for the world.

Naira feels if she takes Kairav to Kartik, he will not accept Kairav and their truth. Naira deals with the big trauma of Kartik’s love breaking up. Kairav will be soon meeting Kartik. Naira tells Kairav about the various signs that would appear when he meets his dad. Kairav meets Kartik and gets to see all the signs told by Naira. He realizes that Kartik is his dad and gets overjoyed. Kartik gets happy to meet Kairav, unaware that Kairav is his own son. Kairav will be uniting Kartik and Naira.


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