Yeh Rishta Naira defines a SDM for Kairav WHY

YRKKH Naira's message to leave Kartik stunned

Yeh Rishta Naira defines a SDM. Naira doesn’t get to hear Kartik’s complete statement that he is sorry to ask her that question, which was his biggest mistake. He had no ill feelings for her in his heart. A misunderstanding few between them on both the sides. Naira leaves from Kartik’s life when she didn’t see any yearning for her in his eyes. She got distant from him thinking he has punished her when she wasn’t at any fault. She doesn’t want to get back to Kartik for he has ended all her hopes. Naira just wants to live as Kairav’s mum. She doesn’t want him to doubt about her child. She justifies her decision and feels none should blame her on finding the truth. She wants Kartik to stay away from Kairav.

She is aware that Kairav will be in pain and troubles if he is away from Kartik, still she doesn’t want him to suffer by becoming a target of Kartik’s suspicion. She feels Kairav will get a better life being away from Kartik. She wants to become self sufficient for Kairav. Kairav feels her dad is a super hero. She doesn’t want to tell the truth to Kairav. Kartik recalls his meet with Mihir on the day after Naira’s assumed death. He had clearly told Mihir that he should have not doubted on Naira by coming in Mitali’s words, he had done a big mistake to ask her such a weird thing. He had apologized to Mihir and cleared his heart towards Mihir and Naira.

Kairav calls Kartik again. He fails to talk. Kartik also calls back Kairav and fails to talk. The man who lends his phone to Kairav gets fed up of the numerous calls. He thinks to complain to Naira about Kairav. Kartik loses his attention and wants to talk to Kairav. Vansh and Suwarna question Kartik about the new change in him. Kartik tells Suwarna about Kairav, who assumes him to be his Papa. Kairav tells Naira that he wants to go and talk to Kartik. Naira tells him that the person on the call can’t be his dad. He asks her how would he know about his dad. She gets angry when he gets stubborn. She asks him not to call Kartik again if he loves her.

Kairav wishes that Naira gets to talk to Kartik. Suwarna is happy seeing the positive change in Kartik because of a kid, who isn’t related to him according to them. Kartik tells her that he feels a strange connection with Kairav. He tells about Kairav’s move to help his mother. Suwarna feels she wanted to see this positivity in Kartik since long. She blesses the child who is changing Kartik and bringing a willingness to live. The man complains to Naira about Kairav making calls to his dad. Naira asks him not to give the phone to Kairav.

The man doesn’t want to break Kairav’s heart by refusing him. He asks her to call Kartik and limit him from making the calls. Kairav doesn’t want Naira to limit Kartik. Kairav asks her not to snatch her happiness and let him talk to his dad. He gets upset when she takes him home. Kartik calls Kairav once again. Naira finds Kairav upset and tries to cheer him up. She makes Kairav laugh. She asks him not to talk to strangers, anyone can hurt him.

Kairav asks her will they never meet Kartik. She tells him that they will meet him on a special day when they get beautiful signs from the nature. She defines a SDM/Special Destined Meet for Kairav and Kartik unknowingly, being not aware that Kartik is really planning to meet Kairav. Kairav gets happy knowing about the SDM and is grateful to her. Naira feels sorry that she has lied to him. Kairav gets to hear about fathers’ day celebrations at the school. Kairav makes a promise to his friends that his father will come and participate in the football competition. Naira prepares for the competition to take the place of Kairav’s father. Kairav connects to Kartik again and wants him to come to his school for the fathers’ day competition.


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