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Telly Spoilers 22nd June 2019 Ranvijay is making a new plan. He wants to know if Chaya is really Chakor. He sends all the people for having breakfast. He tests Chakor by putting Anjor in pain. He makes Anjor fall down the stairs. Chakor rushes to save Anjor and her baby. Ranvijay observes Chakor’s behavior. Chakor limits herself and stops back. Manoj and Jaya take Chakor’s place and save Anjor. Bua tells Ranvijay that Chaya is Chakor and she has seen this truth herself. Ranvijay was doubtful before, but he then believes that Chaya isn’t Chakor. Chakor fails his plan by acting cold.

Ranvijay tells Bua that her doubt was wrong. Bua plans to give an electric shock to Anjor. Bua then alerts Chakor about her plans to trap her. Bua intentionally sends Anjor to the kitchen. Anjor gets electrocuted. Bua leaves a video there to capture their truth. Chakor rushes to save Anjor. Bua records Chakor’s truth and takes the phone to show the video evidence to Ranvijay. Bua wants to prove herself right. Chakor plans to make Bua appear mad in front of Ranvijay. She wants Ranvijay and Bua’s evil partnership to break.

Ghatbandhan: Raghu and Dhanak will be seen performing on a romantic song in the Sangeet. They both confess their love for each other on the stage. Maai is still planning to break their marriage. She brings hurdles in their union. Raghu doesn’t lie anything come in his way and reaches Dhanak. He joins her when she sadly performs alone. They will be soon marrying.

Jhansi Ki Rani: Manu decides to teach sword fighting to the people of Jhansi. She wants everyone to be self sufficient to protect themselves. She teaches the the tricks of the fight and asks them to not be hesitant to lift the sword if they counter any enemy. She tells them that the people can help the kingdom against any battle if they are equipped with a good training. Gangadhar doesn’t know the need for her move. She fails to explain her point to him. She wants the people to oppose injustice and tortures. She makes them mentally strong by pushing them towards self-defence. Gangadhar gets brainwashed against Manu by Ross and other people. He doesn’t believe in her decisions easily. Manu determines to encourage and inspire the country people so that none of the Britishers capture Jhansi. Manu aims to succeed in her goals.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Rakesh gets too happy knowing about Naina’s pregnancy and gets sweets to distribute to the neighborhood in the society. Rakesh wants to share his happiness with everyone. Naina asks Rakesh why did he tell everyone about her pregnancy. She reminds him the lie Sameer has told to everyone. Sameer and Naina are living just as friends, not a couple. She tells Rakesh that people will taunt them knowing about the pregnancy. Rakesh understands the new mess created and tries to handle it.


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