Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Lovely face shocking danger

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Prime Lovely foolish evil move

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Lovely face shocking danger 24th June 2019 The evil-minded kids at the music camp play a dirty prank on Bhola to hurt him. Sikandar who had recovered his memory faces a big shock and loses his memories again. Kulfi gets angry on Abhay and his friends, who has intentionally hurt Sikandar. Lovely comes home and finds Chandan threatening her about Amyra once again. She realizes that Chandan has been spying on her and knows everything. She gets worried and makes Amyra away from him. Kulfi scolds the kids for making fun of Bhola and troubling him. She can’t see Sikandar in pain. Vikram learns about Abhay’s move to trouble Sikandar. Kulfi complains about Abhay to Vikram.

She tells Vikram that Bhola fainted by the high sound noise. Lovely tries to outsmart Chandan. She asks him not to doubt on her and spy on her, else she will not tolerate his tricks. She threatens to finish his game. He asks her if she didn’t go to find Sikandar. Lovely doesn’t get scared of him. She tells him that she doesn’t care for Sikandar. Chandan tells her about the surprise he has arranged for her. He tells Lovely that he loves Amyra and will not harm her. He wants to get Sikandar killed, and give the shocking news to her as a surprise. Vikram scolds Abhay for playing little pranks on Bhola. He asks Abhay to plan something big against Bhola.

Vikram guides Abhay to scheme and trouble Bhola. He has much enmity against Sikandar. Kulfi gets a big shock seeing Sikandar turning into Bhola again. She feels sorry that he lost his revived memories again. He feels lonely. He doesn’t want to talk to Kulfi. Kulfi is hopeful that he can revive memories again. Abhay and his friends try to fool Bhola, while Kulfi suspects Abhay. She asks Bhola not to talk to Abhay. Bhola doesn’t believe her and go with Bhola. She follows him to protect her. Lovely informs Nandini about Sikandar’s life in danger.


She seeks Nandini’s help so that Sikandar doesn’t face any attack. Nandini doesn’t check her message. She doesn’t want to tell Lovely that Bhola is Sikandar. Bhola and Kulfi meet in the music class. Abhay mocks Bhola again. Kulfi alerts Bhola about Abhay’s bad plans. She asks him to believe her. Bhola doesn’t come in her words and thinks she is worse than Abhay. Chandan doesn’t know Lovely’s plans. He doesn’t care for anything. He thinks before Lovely does anything, Sikandar will die. Lovely plots to expose Chandan by surprising a date.

She wants him to admit his truth. She tells Chandan that she wants to celebrate their success since they got rid of Sikandar. She asks Chandan to tell his plans. She assures him that they can have a better life together. She tries to record his confession. He senses her plans and scolds her for outsmarting him. Lovely’s plans fail. Abhay invites Bhola for having fun with friends. Kulfi doesn’t want Bhola to go with Abhay.

Kulfi tries to protect Bhola. Lovely is sure that Kulfi won’t let anything happen to Sikandar. Sikandar falls in danger, while Kulfi attempts to save his life. Lovely lies to Chandan that she wasn’t making any recording. Even then, he gets certain that Lovely is tricking him. She instigates him by praising his cunning mind to make him admit how he has taken Sikandar’s place in the family. Chandan threatens her to kill Amyra and her.


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