Kulfi Lovely Sikandar plot to expose Chandan’s fraud

Kulfi Lovely Sikandar plot to expose Chandan's fraud

Kulfi Lovely Sikandar plot to expose Chandan’s fraud 25th June 2019 Kulfi misses to find Bhola. She asks the mischievous kids about him. Sikandar tricks Kulfi to get away from him. Kulfi demands Abhay to get her answers. Abhay tells her that Bhola didn’t come with them. Bhola is tricked by Shanti, who promises him to make him meet his daughter. She tells him about the magical well which can fulfill his wish if made by a true heart. Sikandar wants his daughter. Kulfi finds Bhola in a new risk. She runs to save his life. Chandan instructs Shanti to kill Sikandar. She is sure that none will doubt on her if he falls inside the well. Sikandar makes a wish that he unites with his daughter. Shanti wants him to die soon. She goes to push him inside the well. Chandan gets suspicious about Lovely.

She asks him to keep her phone, since she has nothing to hide. Chandan tells her that they are crime partners now. She is keen to expose him. She tells him that he learnt that he got Sikandar’s face for free, he couldn’t let go this big chance. He wants to have a lavish life. He tells her that he will tell her everything she wants to know. She records his confession by a hidden device. Pakhi demands Nandini that she wants to meet Bhola right now. Kulfi runs to save Sikandar from Shanti’s evil. Sikandar falls inside the well.

Kulfi holds his hand and tries to save him. She doesn’t want him to die. He begs her to save him. She gains strength from music again. She asks him to find his inner strength and come upwards. He fears to fall down. She asks him to find the lost hope and return to her. She reminds him their journey and asks him to fight with the situation. Sikandar regains his memory once again. Kulfi’s song once again does the miracle. His wish comes true when he meets his daughter Kulfi.

Sikandar cries on recalling the truth of his life. She gets delighted that he remembers her. She struggles to save Sikandar. He also tries to save himself, once regaining his memory and getting back as Sikandar. He gets happy to meet her. He gets another hit on his head by Shanti’s attack. Kulfi fears that Sikandar will lose his memory again. She asks Shanti not to hurt her father. She wants to spend her life with her father. She asks Shanti to spare her father. Shanti tells Kulfi that she is hired to kill Sikandar. Kulfi asks Shanti how can she take someone’s life to earn money. Kulfi pleads to Shanti to not hurt Sikandar.

Shanti gets convinced by Kulfi and spares their lives. Shanti tells Kulfi that Chandan has taken Sikandar’s place in her house and now Kulfi can’t save anyone from Chandan. Sikandar gets to hear this truth and realizes he met Chandan just before the accident. He retains his memories and gears up to face Chandan. Lovely calls the police to inform about Chandan and get him arrested for the fraud. Sikandar takes care of Kulfi’s wounds and apologizes to her.

Kulfi wants to call him her father since a long time. She thinks the day has finally arrived. Sikandar encourages her. He tells her that he knows her now. Kulfi is upset and feels that he doesn’t remember her. She tells him that she is his daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi have an emotional moment. He continues the drama of Bhola to trick Chandan and relieve the family from all the tensions. He wants to save his family from the world first before telling the world that Kulfi is his own daughter. He asks Kulfi to take him home. Lovely informs Kulfi about her plans. She wants Sikandar to return home.


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