Star Plus Trending Prime Time Hits 25th June 2019

Kasautii OMG Twist Shocker for Mr. Bajaj

Star Plus Trending Prime Time Hits 25th June 2019 Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna meets Veena and gets emotional seeing her state in the lock up. She tells Veena that she will get her out very soon. Veena feels Mohini is evil. She tells Prerna that Mohini has framed her. She asks Prerna to refuse for the marriage and forget Anurag, since Mohini won’t become a good mother-in-law ever. Prerna asks her not to think so, she will meet Mohini and convince her to help them. Prerna promises Veena. She can’t refuse to marry Anurag, who means a world to her. Mr. Bajaj tells the management students that they should always focus on opponent’s weakness to defeat him. He teaches the tricks of business to the students.

Everyone gets amazed by Mr. Bajaj’s confidence and applaud. Mr. Bajaj wants to ruin Basu’s company. Nivedita reprimands Anurag for hiding the company issues from her. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve to run the company when he is failing to. She also has rights on the company. She can’t see the company getting ruined. She wants to know about Mr. Bajaj. Prerna comes to meet Mohini. Anupam asks Anurag to come and meet Prerna. Nivedita wants to get information about Mr. Bajaj. Mohini gets the call from police. She tells them that Veena really had her necklace, she will bring the real culprit out.

Anurag and Prerna try to explain her that Veena can’t do this. Mohini fools them and tells them that she can’t help Veena unless they find the real culprit. Anurag fails to convince Mohini to help Veena. He feels sorry. He tells Prerna that he will try to help. Prerna has faith in Anurag. Suman and Sumitra are sure that Veena can never steal any jewellery. They know Veena’s values. They feel if Mohini has trapped Veena. Mohini finally agrees to bail out Veena. She gets her necklace back. Veena thanks Mohini and gets insulted once again. Mohini tells Veena that she is doing this for her son’s sake.

She asks Veena how will she face the people’s hatred and taunts now. Veena knows Mohini has done this deliberately to break her courage. Veena is deeply hurt that Mohini isn’t reforming. Prerna is worried for Veena’s silence. She shares her tensions with Anurag. She tells him that Veena had asked her to refuse for the marriage because of Mohini. She doesn’t want any hurdle in the marriage. She feels Veena is right on her front. She feels Veena shattering within. Anurag asks her not to worry about anything, he will not let things go worse. Anurag and Mr. Bajaj have a face-off again. Anurag learns about Komolika’s involvement in Mr. Bajaj’s plans.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Sonakshi takes help from some people and saves Rohit’s life. She cares for the puppy more. Rohit finds her strange that she isn’t caring for him. The puppy’s owners come there to find him. They find the puppy with Sonakshi aka Parvati of their favorite show. They take a selfie with Sonakshi. They ask Rohit to click their pictures. Rohit sees her fans’ craze. Sonakshi asks Rohit how did he fall there. Rohit tells the crazy story of the puppy and his fight. He tells him that he fell down with the puppy. He accepts that he was afraid of the puppy. She makes fun of him. He asks her why did she call people to take help, since she is Parvati, she can revive even the dead.

He makes fun of her on screen character. She gets angry and goes to her car. Rohit doesn’t get network in his phone. Her car doesn’t start. He jokes and asks her to pray to get the car running. Sonakshi really prays and achieves her goals. He gets surprised. He asks her to give him a lift since he has to reach home soon. Sonakshi agrees to drop him home. Suman is happy to make Pari a film star. She regrets that Sonakshi is just a tv actress. Sonakshi and Rohit share a talk on the way. She finds his weak knowledge about movies and songs. She laughs on his weird nature.

He tells her that sometimes he wants to spend time with himself and visits the park. He admits that he was disturbed about the past. Sonakshi finds him very much similar to her in this matter. He tells her that love just happens once. She disagrees with him. She tells him that love can come anytime in life, a broken heart can be healed with love. He tells her that he doesn’t know driving. She laughs on knowing this. He tells her that not everyone can learn everything. She tells him that she knows driving since long. She lectures him over her skills.

Rohit accepts what all she tells. He asks her if she can perform a surgery. She gets his point. Sonakshi stops the car at the check post and tells him that she doesn’t have her license right now. Rohit asks her to talk to cops now. The police cops are her fans. They take selfies with Sonakshi and let her go. Rohit opposes her.


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